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  1. mmcdev

    Kinda Nervous!

    When I was a Student Nurse Extern (sounds similar to what you applied for, but under a different name), we were allowed to D/C foley's, but not put them in. I know in my state only an LPN/RN can insert a foley due to the sterile nature.
  2. mmcdev

    A patient made me cry.....

    Stories like these make me so proud to be a nurse! You did a great thing for this lady! :)
  3. mmcdev

    Did you choose....or were you chosen?

    I just graduated in May and was the same way as you during clinical. I would come home from almost every clinical rotation and say "I LOVE THIS! I want to be ____ type of nurse now!" My family and friends couldn't keep up with what type of nurse I wanted to be! With the current economy, I took a job on an Ortho unit. I love it, but I don't really think it is where I will be working for the rest of my life. That's one of the great things about nursing.. there are so many specialities and different types of nursing!
  4. mmcdev

    Yay! Got nurse extern

    Awesome! Congrats! I was a nurse extern and it was such a good experience. I learned a lot and it will also help you in your future job hunt.
  5. mmcdev

    Is it possible to take the NCLEX-RN for NJ in PA?

    I am from DE, but I took my NCLEX in Philly because the wait was so long in DE. You can take it anywhere. If you truly feel unprepared, then you should reschedule it. However, if you are only doing it because you are anxious, then don't. It will only make it worse and make you more anxious!
  6. mmcdev

    Need help with studying for NCLEX

    First of all, RELAX! Your Kaplan class hasn't even started yet. You are also not supposed to start answering the Question Trainers yet, only the pretest. I passed with Kaplan and took the class. Try to follow the schedule they give you (they will discuss it in your first class). I read the entire Kaplan book just to refresh my memory. Obviously, not all at once. When you are reading, if there are areas you feel comfortable with, skip over them. And if something seems fuzzy to you, then brush up on that area. Also, pay attention to the Decision Tree. I felt that it really helped me learn how to answer questions. After my Kaplan class, I did about 60 questions a day. If you get a question wrong, make sure you understand WHY you got them wrong. Also, understanding concepts is way more important than memorizing facts. So, take a nice big deep breath and relax! You are only at the very beginning of your studying. You have time to be prepared and you WILL be prepared by the time you take your exam.
  7. mmcdev

    No responses to applications.

    Have you tried talking to your clinical instructors? Maybe they can talk to the nurse managers on the unit that you had clinical on. I graduated in May and also had a very hard time getting an interview. I spoke to 2 of my clinical instructors and they sent an e-mail to the nurse managers of 2 different units I had clinical on. I got 2 interviews just because I was recommended to them by my instructors. Nurse managers usually highly respect the opinions of the instructors because they realize how many students they have. In one of my interviews, the nurse manager actually told me he called my instructor about me and that she spoke highly of me and he really respects her opinion. I was even offered the job. So, you ARE doing the right thing and keep at it because you WILL find a job. Try to reach out to anyone that you can.
  8. mmcdev

    Sample Resume and Cover letter for New grad

    Totally unrelated, but I am a UD grad (which is where the sample resume/cover letter is from) and was very impressed by how much they prepared us for job hunting. Many of our assignments included writing our resume & cover letter. I have more samples that we were given in class if anyone wants me to scan them in.
  9. mmcdev

    Follow-up advice/recommendations

    I would e-mail the hiring manager to let them know that you are very interested in a position and that you will be graduating in December. I would also let him/her know that you have letters of recommendation if needed. I wouldn't necessarily just e-mail them to the hiring manager. In my hospital, there were graduate nurse internships and you had to e-mail the nurse recruiter a transcript and 3 letters of recommendation. I would also ask the people writing you letters of recommendations to send you a copy just incase you would need it for another application.
  10. mmcdev

    RN nclex reviews???

    I took Kaplan also and believed it really helped me. The Question Tree that teaches you how to answer questions really seemed to help me during the NCLEX. I also liked the Question Trainer/QBank questions and felt that they were pretty similar to the NCLEX.
  11. mmcdev

    Nurses Needed for Anonymous Survey!

    Actually I take that back. I tried it a few minutes later and it worked!
  12. mmcdev

    Nurses Needed for Anonymous Survey!

    Just FYI, I use a Mac and tried to access your survey and it wouldn't open on my computer.
  13. mmcdev

    and the waiting begins....

    Waiting is honestly one of the HARDEST things to do. But, just remember, try to be patient! I know it is way easier said than done. But, I remember I would check my phone a million times a day and it only made me 10x worse!! Good luck! Stay positive.
  14. mmcdev

    Orthopedic Nurse Tech

    I worked as a tech for a year on an Ortho floor when I was in nursing school. And I am now a RN on the same floor. I absolutely love it. But, as a tech, I did a ton of vital signs (esp. for the post-op's), emptied hemovacs/JPs/foleys (if they were post-ops), helped walk patients to the bathroom/whatever else they needed, filled EBI's and ice packs, did accuchecks (if needed), etc. My unit is very team oriented because a lot of the patients I work with are a 2 person assist at the beginning. So, most of the time would be spent helping the other nurses/techs getting patients out of bed.
  15. mmcdev

    Are there some areas of nursing that are more upbeat than others?

    I work in ortho and it is very upbeat compared to other floors in my hospital. 95% of our patients make a full recovery and very rarely do they suffer from complications. It is also very rewarding being able to see a patient not being able to move one day and then up and walking the next.