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  1. Ashley_RN

    I have your meds, please take them:)

    I fully understand the implications & reasons for not practicing this why, which is why I dont... I was only suggesting a perfect world scenerio, I'll just keep on dreaming :)
  2. Ashley_RN

    I have your meds, please take them:)

    I agree to never leave meds at the beside & in my own practice, I will not leave the room until I've watched my patient take them... however, it did always confuse me as to why a patient who is A&Ox3 cannot be held responsible for taking their own meds if I do place them on their table.. This includes making sure their visitors do not get hold of them, taking them in a reasonable time frame and making sure theyre not accidentally taken or thrown out when tidying up rooms as well. I always inform my patients which meds I have for them, the reason theyre being perscriped & the importance of taking them.. Is it so crazy to ask for adults to display some responsibilty? Also, before I get reemed out... I am of course referring to the A&Ox3 pt who is independent with ADLs, no risks for aspiration that will need my monitoring, no question in their judgement or risk that they will forget AND I do NOT mean narcotics.. Of course these dream patients sound too good to be true But it does seem silly I cant expect my patient to take something as simple as their nightly cholesterol meds that THEY DO AT HOME EVERYNIGHT if I place at the bedside cause theyre on the phone. If youre going to be irresponsible in taking your meds in the hospital, what makes me think youll be compliant at home with your own care? A previous poster said they could have 'thrown them down the toilet' or 'give to a visitor' which sadly could happen but if thats their attitude towards their health & the care theyre receiving while in the hospital, theyre taking up a bed that could be used for someone who actually wants to get better & be proactive about their health. Just my 2cents. However, regardless of what I think... I will continue to watch all my patients take all their meds before stepping out of the room. It was just something I thought about :)
  3. Ashley_RN

    Compassion required???

    OP, I cant imagine there hasnt been a time where you have been sick/injured, thinking 'this sucks' and someone was there to comfort you or atleast empathize. I certainly cant imagine being told "well thats the way the world turns..." I personally would feel even worse. Is compassion necessary, no. But does it make a difference, I say absolutely yes. I wish you luck in whichever path you choose... and hope that compassion turns out to be one of those things you can learn, if its nursing you decide.
  4. Ashley_RN

    Unbelievable !!

    True or not... I just laughed out loud for a good 10 min straight hahaha
  5. Ashley_RN

    Share The Weirdest Reasons Patients Push The Call Light

    Had this cute little old lady who rang her bell in the middle of the night & asked where the ladies room was because "I just want to see what it looks like." She was so cute I took her on the fantastic tour!
  6. Ashley_RN

    Best Nursing Quotes

    "To do what nobody else will do, in a way that nobody else can do, in spite of all we go through... that is what it is to be a nurse." - Rawsi Williams Love this... and this thread! Keep em coming! :)
  7. Ashley_RN

    Is it ever okay to wear

    I wouldnt. I was always told to dress professional, simple & clean... Not too much makeup or perfume, hair neatly pulled back or down if done nicely, and simple accessories. I also do not think coming from work or on lunch break should be an exception either. I'm a fairly recent new grad who worked as a CNA.. When I had interviews after or during shifts I always made sure to bring a change of clothing. The managers always seemed impressed by it & commented on it. It takes all in about 5 min to change. The poster above me is right.. In the end, it is a professional position, your CAREER. Can you imagine if all jobs that had uniforms wore their work attire... it'd be very unprofessional and actually a little funny haha Good luck on your interview by the way! :)
  8. Ashley_RN

    Tufts nurses vote 70% to authorize strike

    RN here who works nearby at another large, teaching hospital in Boston... have been one myself, as well have had family members & friends as patients at this hospital, so very familiar with it. I am beyond proud of these nurses who have spoken up, willing to fight for their patients, they are TRUE patient advocates. I stand beside there decision 100% and would NEVER dare consider stepping a toe over that line :)
  9. i am in legit tearsssssssss... i cannot stop laughing hahaha thank you all for making my dreaded saturday night shift so funny hahaha
  10. Ashley_RN

    Who else is a 2-year RN new grad at a Magnet Hospital??

    New grad... 6months in, also at Magnet status, level 1 Trauma/Teaching Hosp in Boston. Couldnt be happier
  11. Ashley_RN

    Medical vs Surgical Nursing

    Hi everyone =) I'm a new grad nurse, been working on a surgical unit for about 2 months now.. it's nerve-racking & exciting all at once and I love being a real nurse!! Anyways- I remember shortly before graduating someone had asked me: "Do you want to be a medical or surgical nurse?" I had honestly never really thought about it. And although I knew I couldn't truly decide without experience in both, I admit that working as a CNA on a medical unit made me think that's what I wanted- NOW seeing the fast-paced surgery side, I'm starting to love it too! I love the opportunity to watch my patients rapidly progress from very acute POD 1 to stable d/c worthy.. I enjoy seeing them get well enough to go home and further continue healing, it makes me feel like I've really made a difference (of course all you medical nurses make amazing differences, please don't take that the wrong way) Anyways, got me thinking about asking the wonderful nurses here on AN.... what type of nurse are YOU? What do you love about it? Why do you like medical vs surgical nursing or vice versa? I'm so curious!!* Happy Holidays Everyone!
  12. Ashley_RN

    This story gives me the creeps

    This story makes me sick. I am disgusted. Who the heck do these people think they are... the poor residents at their facilty My heart hurts for them.
  13. Ashley_RN

    My patient said WHAT ?!

    When I was a CNA, I was assigned to sit with a confused elderly pt overnight.. anyway, this man was absolutely in loooooove with his penis haha! He never went to sleep that night, instead, insisted on asking me (21yo girl at the time) if I've ever had sex before? how often? Had I ever seen an uncircumsized penis because his 'is beautiful!! Nothing compared to the uncircumsized disasters!' (his words not mine haha) He just went on & on haha... I consistently tried to redirect the conversation and repeatedly told him that he was being inappropriate and needed to stop.. It was useless. He also tried to show me his pride & joy EVERYTIME I helped him to the mens room, which was often as he was on Lasix (lucky meee!)-- made me laugh though & I guess he did this with everyone, it was all he ever wanted to talk about... God love him!
  14. Ashley_RN

    Most difficult to learn as student and nurse?

    sistasoul- Thank you for the advice. I also worked as a CNA throughout Nursing School so I too know how difficult the workload is. I am also very happy I worked in the position as I know that as a Nurse I will know from experience how to approach/thank them, what I should delegate vs. what I can really do on my own, and offer a helping hand when they seem overwhelmed. Even after knowing all this, I am still worried. I guess it's not so much the delegation part as much as it's the age thing. Some incredibly nice (but young) nurses on the floor I worked as a CNA would approach so kindly, asked for things only when they absolutely had to while saying please & thank you but quite a few of the older Aides always gave them a hard time & attitudes (sometimes ignored their requests) without fail. They rarely ever acted this way towards older nurses. I guess it's inevitable that not every co-worker will be nice & receptive, but I'll continue to be kind to them & say thank you... it'll be good practice for when I get those not-so-nice Dr's or families
  15. Ashley_RN

    Hardest part of nursing school is...

    I hateddddddddd Sim Lab and having to do these 'skits' on camera, knowing my classmates were watching in the other room... and to add to the mix, we were told they were going to use these films for some seminar/lecture, I don't know... for educational purposes. Well great, way to add "Do I look decent today?" to the anxiety. BUT like other posters have said.. all of your classmates likely feel the exactly same way, which is a comfort. If possible, try to do it with the classmates you feel most comfortable with. Either way, try to make light of the situation... go all out with it, BE FUNNY! It'll be sure to lighten the mood & ease everyone's nerves, including yours, which will in return, allow you to do well in the scenario. * I remember one classmate coming in the room to introduce themselves to a male mannequin who at last minute changed to be a female (for scenario purposes) with a disheveled wig thrown on top, and saying "Wow, Mrs. X, your hair looks fabulous today!" - the whole group, including our instructor, laughed... it definitely calmed us all. (Of course I wouldn't suggest this with a not-so-nice instructor, I'm sure you can be the judge)... anyway, GOODLUCK! I'm sure you'll do great and just remember, it's only 5-10 min of your life, you can do it! :)