RN degree or not, are RN's in demand?


Are rn's really in as high demand as schools advertise?


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No, jobs aren't as easy to come by, especially for new grads. That is because there is no so called nursing shortage.

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No....there is a surplus of nurses right now and some areas of the country have as high as 47% unemployment of nurses/new grads.

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I think it really depends on where you live. As far as I've understood there's a glut of them, and especially ones that are unemployed.


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In my neck of the woods in California (Bay Area), it is brutal out here. I know so many out of work new grads who have been looking for work for over a year now. Some of them still work at Starbucks and retail jobs. But as the previous poster stated, I think it does depend on where you live.


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Yes but you have to be wiling to relocate. By the time you're done (assuming a few years from now) things will also be much different. I.e. health reform, baby boomers retiring and being hospitalized. If nursing is what you want go for it.


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It really depends on where you live. Some areas of the country are saturated with RNs while others are not.

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A RN is not a degree. It is a licensure that indicates that you have passed the national NCLEX examination to become licensed as a RN.

There are four ways to prepare to pass the RN examination: completing an Associate's degree program at a community college, completing a BSN, completing a Direct Entry Master's, or a hospital-based diploma (non-degree) program.

Because of the glut of new graduates on the market, finding a job with only a diploma or associate's degree in many parts of the country (CA, Eastern corridor from NC to Boston) is very difficult. This is not the case in much of the non-urban Midwest and mountain states.


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What states if any, have a demand for new rn"s?


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In Tampa Florida, there is demand for them. I was offered a EAYL program thru my college. I decided to pay for my own costs so i was not bogged down working for that hosp for 3 years, so yes there are jobs. I got a call the other day from Knightngale nurses offering me a 6 month contract job in california with a housing stipend if i worked night and weekends for 35 an hour-40/hour. Granted cost of living is higher in CALI, so to answer your queastion, yes there are jobs if you are willing to move.