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  1. Cardiac Cath Lab... What's it like??

    Interesting comments on this thread
  2. SPC Nursing Fall'15

    Level 3 In the summer is too intense I strongly encourage you to make sure that is what you want. This program takes up ALOT of time when it's not crunched into a summer semester so if you have god aweful amounts to study do it, as long as you don't...
  3. SPC Nursing Program Spring 2014

    Good luck to all you newbies in level 1 tomorrow.
  4. SPC Nursing Program Spring 2014

    You take the TEAS test in the nursing testing center on the 2nd floor. You have to schedule it. It basically tests your knowledge from everything science, history, georgraphy, basic algebra and math, anatomy, etc. Don't freak out about it, it's just ...
  5. St pete college fall 2013

    I was at HealthSouth this semester and it was fun, the staff is awesome and helpful, and you learn a lot and get to play nurse for real with real life patients. Don't freak out, after the 2nd week you will be a pro at it, trust me, we all were nervou...
  6. St pete college fall 2013

    3.82 was mine
  7. St pete college fall 2013

    has anyone else registered their simchart yet?
  8. St pete college fall 2013

    check the ADN discussion board i posted a attachement response with the handbook HWY girl it was the 2013-2014 version so it was the updated version
  9. St pete college fall 2013

    course links are up on angel
  10. St pete college fall 2013

    Jennifer read my previous post on page 26 about the ATI signature thing. alj, you can wear regular clothes, you dont need to wear scrubs or anything. I am going tomorrow for the syllabus review.
  11. St pete college fall 2013

    no i got all mine
  12. St pete college fall 2013

    For the ATI testing signature proof, go to ATITESTING.COM and put in your username and password. click my results, click the report you want (the teas one , not the purchase report). Your results will come up. put your mouse of the top of the page a...
  13. St pete college fall 2013

    I went to the clearwater campus (you can go to any campus with financial aid). I spoke to Alice Marks and she told me i can email her my book list (from angel) along with a receipt from the bookstore showing you ordered the supplies that shows the to...
  14. Needs some cheering up

    You will always encounter arrogant and idiot people in your journey/career. Natural stupidity will never beat artificial intelligence.
  15. St pete college fall 2013

    Sorry meant the DAVIS package (which includes the TABERS) and the prentice package