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  1. Anesthesia Growth outlook

    Glad to see validation on this point as this is exactly what I'm gathering from the RAND studies.
  2. CRNA job outlook

    I read over that study earlier as well and my take away is if one is willing to move to certain locations, there will be a job!
  3. Mayo Clinic Reality

    Coming from a patient perspective at the Mayo in Scottsdale... I can also attest to the 'lesser than' quality at some of the out state clinics. That would be great to standardize the care across all campuses, I really hope the initiative works out!
  4. The LAST weekend :-)

    Yep I'm working too. So ready to just do this already!! I've heard and anticipated it all now let's experience it for ourselves!
  5. Reputations of IHCC/NHCC/other MANE schools?

    That's good to know. I'm 6 months new to the area too and am starting at NHCC next week- I had no idea what it's reputation is but that's promising to hear! They just completed the new nursing building so I'm stoked to see it!
  6. so if your a BSN, you can do FNP program?

    Yes if you have a BSN you're eligible to apply for FNP which can either be via a Masters or Doctorate program depending on the school.
  7. Mane with MetroState

    So at this point I'm thinking metro seems the most efficient as all RN to BSN programs I've seen require an RN license, etc; which would set the start time back at least one semester whereas Metro's BSN would start immediately in semester 4.
  8. Thank you for sharing!
  9. Mane with MetroState

    Thanks for sharing!! I guess it's definitely worth looking at other options then.
  10. Mane with MetroState

    I completely agree!! I wish we had more of an idea of the format for the program (mostly online, in class, commitment)... or maybe I'm just missing it. The MANE representative at orientation gave me the impression it's going to be pretty time consumi...
  11. Is this normal??

    Yeah that sounds a bit crazy. Ours is only Monday through Friday but pretty full days. It's also a three semester RN and then remaining three for BSN. Hello to crockpot meals and take out for the hubby and I!
  12. Dates of Orientation for NHCC and IHCC programs?

    Hi! So does anyone know the situation with our clinicals (NHCC)? They are scheduled out for Thursday and Friday 7-3 but she said it doesn't start right away? Or did I misinterpret that? Also we will or will not have clinicals on both of those days?
  13. I am shocked!

    Congrats Josie!!
  14. Mane with MetroState

    I haven't decided yet but I will say the cost of tuition is blow me away affordable. $300 + some per credit at a bachelors level is hard to be beat.
  15. DNP vs MD

    Im sorry I should have clarified this is for the state of Minnesota and many schools I've looked at in the Midwest. We are not all university scholar merits so that definitely isn't "the norm" either so yes different situations for different people i...