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  1. Sorry I took so long to get back at your question.The price is comparison to NYS price is very cheap. So when I calculated the amount I was a bit surprised on how much cheaper it is than NY. I am applying to other similar programs in Ohio.
  2. I would just apply to a BSN program. Jobs for new Rn's are very competitive and many hospitals only hire BSN prepared nurses ( such as NYU, and Columbia prep I think). I am applying for accelerated BSN for Summer 2011 or Fall 2011 to start after I graduate. It also depends on what you plan on doing with your nursing career I know for a fact that I want to become a neonatal nurse practitioner. I want to get my BSN as quickly as possible do I can get into the work force and earn my experience required for that advanced degree. I live here in the metro area and I have done a little research on the careers for nurses. There truly is a nursing shortage...however the shortage is in advanced practice nurses/NPs. I am not saying that you cannot get a job with an ASN degree but due to the shift many hospitals are making in their hiring practices save your self the trouble. Just apply for the BSN.
  3. AccelCNL

    Should I wait for Hunter or move on??

    There is a good chance this has happened due to budget cuts CUNY-wide. Unless you want to wait for Hunter I would advise you to look for a different way. I am presently a student at Lehman and the budget cuts can be felt throughout the whole system. Hunter does have a great reputation but at the end of the day a BSN is a BSN. Good luck on your journey.
  4. AccelCNL

    Columbia University ETP 2011

    Concerning financial aid. The ETP ( BS) part of the program costs $73k. The need based scholarship has a max of $25K for this portion. There is also the strong possibility of there being diversity/high need scholarships that will be around $10K. After the that uncovered need is as low as $37K area....at least for me due to my income and the low number advanced practice nurses of my ethnicity/economic class. The rest can be covered by loans. It is still pricey but at least it is for a sane amount. Any other questions?
  5. AccelCNL

    Columbia University ETP 2011

    Well I attend the Open House today. Well I was on the fence about applying before simply due to the amount of money that is required and the possibility of no longer offering the NNP specialty . But I heard positive news and I will give it a try. If I get in Columbia it won't require a move since I live in Westchester. Well before I was on the fence but I will be applying for Neonatal NP program. Hopefully I will get in.....hopefully we all get in. If anyone has any questions ask ... the answer might have been given at the open house. I will post the reply.
  6. Hey, I am a student from the NY metro area who is applying to the MIDAS program at Xavier. I did a search of the program on the site and did not get much. So is anyone else on here applying?
  7. Hi!! I am really interested in applying to this program for Fall 2011. If any of you guys did end up attending Case Western could you just drop me a line so I can then ask you some questions. Thanks!!
  8. I know that due to budget cuts that SUNY programs are taking less transfer students in their nursing programs. I do not mean tpo be mean but that PA is not competitive enough for SUNY or Hunter. The previous poster is correct. For Hunter you need to be a student at the school first before you are eligible to apply for the nursing program. I would advise you to retake classes and improve your GPA. So many students are applying for entrace into nursing programs that programs at the public colleges usually only pick those with the highest GPA. Private colleges usually have more room and accept more people however a GPA of 2.8 would not be in your favor.
  9. AccelCNL

    UPenn MSN PNP - Fall 2011

    Filomena was referring to the number who apply for the BSN/MSN program. She was not including experienced nurses who apply to grad school. The number accepted is the amount of seat set aside for the BSN/MSN applicants.
  10. AccelCNL

    UPenn accelerated BSN 2011...anyone?

    Where else are you applying? I am applying to a number of schools as well.
  11. The best thing I can tell you is that you should take some classes (particularly in the sciences) and pull up your GPA and show growth as a student.
  12. I understand what you mean. I attend Lehman and I understand how the CUNY system's nursing programs work. I would really encourage you to improve your GPA. Unfortunately, GPA ( and passing the entrance examination if applicable) are the deciding factors in entering CUNY nursing programs. Take a semester or two to improve your GPA and then apply to other programs. The GPA is a big factor due to the fact that so many applicants apply to nursing programs every year.
  13. AccelCNL

    UPenn accelerated BSN 2011...anyone?

    If you know what MSN specialty you are interested in then it is encouraged that you apply to the MSN portion as well. If you do not then just apply for the BSN portion.
  14. AccelCNL

    UPenn accelerated BSN 2011...anyone?

    I am applying for the BSN/MSN program. The specialty I am applying to is the Neonatal NP program. MY GPA is like a 3.9 and all my prereqs are in the B+ range. I have not taken the GRE yet but I will in October. I hope we will all get good news in Feb.
  15. AccelCNL

    Pre-Req Question-NY

    The best thing to do is call the programs that you are interested in. It would be best to get straight answers than to be unsure. The norm is usually API and APII but like I said the best thing would be to contact the nursing departments and speak to the secretary or dean.