Return to day shift..I'm HUMAN again!!!


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I finally did it!!! I changed units so that I could change shifts. After three years, I left 7p-7a for a 7a-3p (7on/7off) position. I just finished my first shift and I AM HUMAN!!!! I can't believe how much I love it. I dreaded leaving my old unit, I loved that unit and my coworkers, and I took a big cut in pay because of losing shift diff, but it was all worth it. I just finally decided I HAD to go to days because of my kids. Ohhh, thank God for small miracles!! Yes, I worked harder and I was busier..but 8hrs compared to 12..and in the daytime. It was AWESOME.

okay, just had to let some of you night owls know..there IS life on the other side ;)


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Welcome back to days.

I use to work nights...kinda enjoyed the 'quiet time'??? But I missed the interaction with all the people. Yes, I work more 'hectic'.....but I'm in my element...haha

I work 0645-1915, 3 days per 7 and really like it....more time at home and with the 12 hours, I don't feel as 'rushed' to get done by 3:15.

Glad you like it. Glad for your kids


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Lucky lady! I am sure this will be great for your kids! I never enjoyed my mom as much when she was sleep deprived from working nights;) I will be on rotating shifts for the rest of my life if I stay here!


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Welcome to days! It's amazing what "normal" sleep cycles will do for a person and thier kids!


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Good for you! One day, I, too will do this. Whether it be GI LAB or DAY SURGERY, I, too will join the ranks of the Day shift world where NO one disturbs my sleep with middle-of-the-day staff meetings and phone calls, not to mention "normal life"'s nice to


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I am ready for a day shift so bad, I am glad to hear that things are going well for you. I think it is great for you and your children. I currently work 7p-7a and it is crazy busy, we do the same volume that days does at night. We are opening a new 50 bed ER so maybe I will get on a day shift sometime in the near future.

Congradulations for you and your children!!!



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I worked 11-7 for about 6 yrs, and I was one nasty person, I have been on 8-4 now going on3 yrs and it still feels so good to be a human.


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I know what you mean about feeling like a human. That was th eonly thing I liked about day shift. I did the day thing for 2 years and went back to nights. Couldn't take the politics on days-not with my colleagues but all the mgmt people flitting around getting in our way.

I am happy for you and your kids! Your days off are really your days off now!!! Enjoy!!!


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Absolutely agree, i did nights for four years. I felt jetlagged all the time and just a tad snitchy to my family, probably because I was so tired. My husband just loved me back in bed with him at night!


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Oh how I envy you. I forgot what it's like to be human, but I too shall join the ranks of day shift...maybe. I don't look forward to driving in that traffic, the cut in pay, but to be human again, it's worth it...I can cuss at the drivers on the road during morning rush hour again trying to get to work on time and in one piece only to be late anyway, and fight with my alarm clock hitting that snooze button only to have the clock win every time...Working three shifts in one week, (day shift does all the rotating) Oh the joys of working days...I can't wait b/c I'll be a human being once again! :)

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I have been working nights for the past 7 years. Recently I hurt my back, I haven't worked in a month, I miss work so much. I still have not converted to day shift, I am up all night watching cable and sleep during the day, I wish I could turn myself around but I don't know if there is anyway. After my surgery and recovery I hope to return 3p-11p, I think that is a nice compromise and hopefully I will be normal some day. Well it's almost 7am, time for bed, goodnight!

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