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  1. new to School Nursing

    The 2002 Florida Statutes Title XLVIII K-20 EDUCATION CODE Chapter 1003 PUBLIC K-12 EDUCATION View Entire Chapter 1003.22 School-entry health examinations; immunization against communicable diseases; exemptions; duties of Department of Health.-- ...
  2. Peanut Allergies

    The letter said the kid needed it for caloric intake. Apparently this is the only thing the kid eats in his packed lunches. Had 3-4 diagnosis, none of them r/t GI. RAD was one. I've got parents calling and complaining and then telling me I can't...
  3. Peanut Allergies

    What does your district do with the kids who are severely allergic to peanuts, via inhilation? They have EpiPens at school. I heard of a school in GA that made natl. news when the banned peanut, peanut butter in the school. I currently have severa...
  4. Oxygen in school

    In our district: Kids on cont O2 supply thier own. The medical equipment company delivers it to the school. If they have a trach and are on cont O2, they have a private duty nurse, who comes to school with them, and spends the day with the student ...
  5. Non school use of schools

    Thanks Martha!!! I really appreciate the feedback. I need that book! I'll talk to my coordinator tommorow to get her advice. In an emergency, I too would provide care without hesitation, then I'd worry about any fall out. Thanks again!
  6. I need some help

    I don't know about KY, ER docs and nurses are covered under the good samaritan act. They are not held liable for anything that happens in the ER. Sometimes it's just best to move on with your life and be positive of full recovery through rehab than...
  7. Hep B & C

    Also, you can check the CDC website for more information.
  8. Hep B & C

    FILL OUT THE INCIDENT REPORT AND GO SEE YOUR OCCUPATIONAL HEALTH NURSE ASAP. I know what it's like to stick yourself with a dirty needle. Not fun. Hep C is a bloodborne pathogen. Protect yourself! The ramifications of not filling out the report ...
  9. Do you know the Candyman?

    Here is another story r/t your topic: A Palm Beach County doctor accused of improperly prescribing the powerful painkiller OxyContin was charged Friday with first-degree murder - apparently the first time in the nation a physician has faced such char...
  10. Next time you give a handout......

    Our area finally made it illegal to panhandle in the streets. I didn't miss them at all and hadn't even thought of them for quite some time now but used to see them at every large intersection and at night under the bridges. Our homeless pop has dw...
  11. Sick call policy

    If this were any other job besides nursing that employers were doing this to....there would be h#ll to pay. I am certain that anyone else would have the ACLU, the ADA, and any other government law or act on thier side. The policy of making up a sic...
  12. Belly Piercing/Tattoo

    Hi shavsha, Never heard of 6 month tatoos, have heard of 6 week tatoos. Have also heard of problems r/t infection and others r/t reaction from type of metal used for ring or bar. You may think you can stop your teen from doing this but I would mak...
  13. I use the butterfly/vacutainer system as well most of the time.
  14. Polycystic Ovaries

    I have learned so much from this thread. Just wanted to thank everyone for sharing. Thank you. Hugs.
  15. Do you have internet access at work?

    Didn't have it at the last hospital I worked and even if I did, I would never and I mean never had the time to use it...undersstaffed and overworked.