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  1. joannep

    Have you ever been in danger whilst working?

    Actually I agree with all the posters. Any issues I had with patient's or family took place before security was implemented within hospitals. Issues with surgeon's I would now probably file reports, when I was younger I never felt I could do that, there was still a strong culture of tolerating their bad behaviour. Probably still is in some institutions! Jess112, It's great that you're interested in nursing and I would absolutely recommend nursing as a career! p.s. my daughter is a nurse too!
  2. joannep

    National Registration

    I think because there are a lot of psych nurses that aren't trained as general nurses; they did 3 years of psych nursing.
  3. joannep

    What brand shoes and where from?

    My daughter and I are both RN's and we both wear the same shoes - Ascent Avara; they are available from the athletes foot and we highly recommend them. Ascent Footwear - Avara
  4. joannep

    Plz tell me aged care is not that bad!

    If you like working with older people, then do district nursing, far more fun than working in aged care and the hours and pay is heaps better.
  5. Welcome to Melbourne! Have a look at Real Estate, Property, Land and Homes for Sale, lease and rent - realestate.com.au to look for properties to rent. Williamstown is a pretty little village which is quite old and quaint, Point Cook is a bit further out, but quite nice, but if you're really looking for a central location with good access to transport you can't go past Docklands.
  6. joannep

    The cost of remote area nursing!

    While the nurses union have done significant things for nurses over the last 20 years, I have often thought that nurses sell themselves short. I have no doubt that allowances paid to members of other unions are better - for example the conditions and allowances paid to the tradesmen who are building the desalination plant in Wonthaggi, Victoria http://www.theage.com.au/national/fourday-pay-bonanza-20091223-ldg3.html In my current job I am required to be registered in every state and territory, and the company pays for all my registrations, except my home state.
  7. joannep

    I got in....yahoo

    Congratulations, ACU is a really good university, very friendly
  8. joannep

    Textbook query.

    The best idea is to check with your university, the book shop should be able to tell you.
  9. joannep

    How can I finalize my NSW registration???

    Unfortunately, I think it will require you to make a trip to Sydney to finalise your registration. However, the board will probably close down over the december/january period, so make sure you check with them when they are open so you don't come over when they are shut.
  10. joannep

    How can I finalize my NSW registration???

    well, you can't work without registration, so getting that finalised is your priority. Are you in Australia or not? Do you need to present original copies or will certified copies be ok? I suggest you contact the board and find out exactly what to do to finalise your registration. If they say they want you to present at the office with original documents, then that's what they mean.
  11. joannep

    Has nursing in Australia been sold out ?

    I've also noticed that this has happened in nursing. My grandmother and mother were nurses and they had more variety in where they could go. My grandmother was in charge of Dietetics at a major hospital in the 1950's, a nurse wouldn't even get an interview for a job like that now. Nurses could train to become perfusionists, not now, and lets not forget Elizabeth Kenny and her revolutionary treatment of Polio, before physiotherapy was even a word ... and don't even mention Social Workers to me, how did they get the monopoly on being case managers? ... the list goes on. I think that's why so many nurses go into community nursing as soon as they can, at least you are autonomous.
  12. joannep

    interview questions

    I'd send them an email or call them and ask for clarification, the recruitment person may be on leave or they may still be making a decision.
  13. joannep

    What 's your thoughts

    I would doubt that your nurse manager even remembered your interview or that your preference was for day shift.
  14. joannep

    Post grads .....or not?

    I'm not sure if you are talking about a graduate year program, ie first year as RN or postgraduate study, so I will answer both. A graduate year program is offered by hospitals etc to first year RN graduates. It is aimed at being a supportive transition to practice program with relevant study days incorporated in the program. No you don't have to do one, but they are very helpful in helping you transition from being a student into a practicing nurse. Post graduate courses can be either at certificate level or diploma level, if you want to work as a manager in a specialty area then you would opt for the diploma otherwise certificate level is fine, and certificate level will take you to clinical nurse specialist. Post graduate study gives you skills and knowledge relevant to that specialist clinical area. You do not need it to work in theatre or renal, but it is highly regarded and you make yourself more employable by having qualifications in specialty areas. I found that universities pushed postgraduate study, then when you were doing the postgrad they pushed masters, and when you were doing a masters they were encouraging you to PhD. Think about where you want to go, how to get there and how long the study is going to take and the amount of money it's going to cost before you sign up for anything.
  15. joannep

    interview questions

    Hi, I suggest you check out the ramsay website to get a bit of an idea of the organisation. http://www.ramsayhealth.com.au/ I know they take pride in "the ramsay way" so they may ask questions to see if you fit their profile. They also pride themselves on the support they give new graduates, so you may like to check out the "grad plus" program. They may ask questions relating to how you support new graduates. http://www.gradplus.com.au/ There is a strong trend towards asking "behavioural" questions for interview, so be prepared for those type as well as "clinical scenario" questions. Be aware of the change for "English Language Requirement" for all state and territory nurses boards. 1. ALL applicants applying for registration who have undertaken their nursing education outside Australia, must from 1 July 2009, demonstrate English language competence. 2. ALL applicants required to demonstrate English language competence must achieve the prescribed test result as set out below: - International English Language Testing System (IELTS) – Academic test: a score of at least 7 in all four components of IELTS (Reading; Listening; Writing and Speaking) with an overall band score of at least 7; OR - Occupational English Test (OET) – Nursing Version: a B pass or above in all four sections. 3. Applicants must achieve the above scores at a single test sitting and the test must have been completed within two (2) years. 4. The English Language Tests are only valid for two (2) years from the date of the test. 5. From 1 July 2009 nurses and midwives who have undertaken their nursing education outside Australia AND have worked continuously in English as a registered nurse or midwife for a period of no less than twelve (12) months (which has occurred no more than six [6] months prior to the date of application) in either the United States of America, United Kingdom, Republic of Ireland, Canada or New Zealand will no longer be granted a waiver of the English language skills test. The Board will comply with letters of requirements issued prior to 1 July 2009; however there will be no extension on letters issued prior to 1 July 2009. Should a nurse request an extension of the requirement letter, they will be requested to provide the Board’s new English language requirement. Good luck
  16. Well, I have been layed off, and yes I was in a senior position earning a lot of money. My position stayed vacant for 6 mths, then readvertised at a lower pay. So they saved 6mths worth of money and rehired for the same job at less pay. No, it wasn't done on performance issues, I was awarded employee of the month 2 mths before being laid off.

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