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  1. joannep

    Am so upset.

    I really feel for you, I can't think of anything that would make this situation better, and I'm sure it has impacted on your relationship with your mother. Perhaps taking time to catch up with RN's you have worked with over the years would help refresh your memories.
  2. joannep

    Graduate Nurse

    The way to increase your chances of gaining a graduate position of your choice is to work in the health care sector as you go through uni. This can be as a nursing assistant in aged care or personal carer in community care or do a Cert III in Pathology and work for a pathology service. I'm sure you can think of many more.
  3. joannep

    University nursing programs

    All degrees lead to registration. Study close to home, travelling is boring and expensive and living away from home really expensive!
  4. joannep

    How to be a nurse in Australia?

    For Australia follow these links AHPRA - AHPRA Home
  5. joannep

    External RN uni course

    Two friends of mine did, and loved the flexibility and the fact they could keep working. Just have to be motivated to complete that study!
  6. joannep

    Have you ever been in danger whilst working?

    Actually I agree with all the posters. Any issues I had with patient's or family took place before security was implemented within hospitals. Issues with surgeon's I would now probably file reports, when I was younger I never felt I could do that, there was still a strong culture of tolerating their bad behaviour. Probably still is in some institutions! Jess112, It's great that you're interested in nursing and I would absolutely recommend nursing as a career! p.s. my daughter is a nurse too!
  7. joannep

    National Registration

    I think because there are a lot of psych nurses that aren't trained as general nurses; they did 3 years of psych nursing.
  8. joannep

    What brand shoes and where from?

    My daughter and I are both RN's and we both wear the same shoes - Ascent Avara; they are available from the athletes foot and we highly recommend them. Ascent Footwear - Avara
  9. joannep

    Plz tell me aged care is not that bad!

    If you like working with older people, then do district nursing, far more fun than working in aged care and the hours and pay is heaps better.
  10. Welcome to Melbourne! Have a look at Real Estate, Property, Land and Homes for Sale, lease and rent - realestate.com.au to look for properties to rent. Williamstown is a pretty little village which is quite old and quaint, Point Cook is a bit further out, but quite nice, but if you're really looking for a central location with good access to transport you can't go past Docklands.
  11. joannep

    starting grad year on monday, in theatre. help plz!

    Hi, I hope you have relaxed a little now that you've started in the OR. I also started my grad year in the OR and stayed there for 15 yrs. I've since moved on to other areas of nursing, but I loved my time in the OR. I hope you have found the staff, surgeons and anaethetists happy to spend time teaching you. Be open to learning new things, especially as so many things are transferable to other areas. For example airway management & ventilation during your recovery rotation is always transferable to other areas. Asceptic technique is transferable to wound care. If you are having any concerns please let your grad year coordinator know.
  12. The unit manager in the dialysis unit at the Alfred is a male, and one of my best friends! He's a great nurse :)
  13. joannep

    ANF Student Membership

    I'm afraid I agree, I paid out membership for 30 years and I found the ANF of no use when I really needed them. Just write a letter and resign, save your money.
  14. joannep

    The cost of remote area nursing!

    While the nurses union have done significant things for nurses over the last 20 years, I have often thought that nurses sell themselves short. I have no doubt that allowances paid to members of other unions are better - for example the conditions and allowances paid to the tradesmen who are building the desalination plant in Wonthaggi, Victoria http://www.theage.com.au/national/fourday-pay-bonanza-20091223-ldg3.html In my current job I am required to be registered in every state and territory, and the company pays for all my registrations, except my home state.
  15. joannep

    I got in....yahoo

    Congratulations, ACU is a really good university, very friendly