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renewing license last minute

For some reason I didn't get the paperwork to renew my license. My DoN asked if I had renewed and was surprised I had not. I did so on line, but only with 5 days remaining and 2 of them are weekend days. What happens if I don't hear by the end of the month? Also, there was a question about being suspended or fired. I answered honestly that I had, but that case is also being handled by a lawyer and looking like it will go in my favor. That being said, how do I get that off my record? Do I just call the state? Thanks.

Well, I can answer your first question. If the BON doesn't get around to renewing your license before it formally expires, you can't legally work until it is renewed. Likely your employer (who is clearly more on top of this than you are) will let you know that you are off the schedule and should not return to work until you have an active license if that happens.

For the future, it's your responsibility to be aware of your expiration date renew in plenty of time, regardless of whether or not the BON sends you paperwork. I hope this will work out for you (and I'm guessing you won't let this happen again in the future, after sweating out the next few days :)).

Many years ago when dunder head :D (just joking) nurses would forget to renew their license they would drive up to the BRN office in Sacramento to get their license renewed right then and there. Don't know if California, or any state BRN still does this?

Driving up to the state would be a good option.

Driving up to the state would be a good option.

If it's any kind of distance for you (to the state capital), I would call the BON first and make sure renewing on site is an option; most states don't offer that.

VivaLasViejas, ASN, RN

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So much is done online these days, usually the only "paperwork" you get from the BON is an e-mail reminder that your license renewal is due in x-amount of days. My state does send a courtesy postcard, but if a nurse has moved and not updated the BON they won't get one. At any rate, it would behoove you to stay on top of this going forward and not wait for notification. You know when it's due. Git-r-done!

When a certain otter waited until the last minute one time, they found they were able to renew in person in Sacramento. The receipt was embossed with a stamp and the lady said to tell anyone who asked that the embossed receipt acted as the otter's license until the hard copy came in a timely manner. The otter's employer was satisfied.

If you renewed on online, why would get paperwork back? Isn't online (paperless) the whole point?


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I see from your signature that you are from Ohio. That state likes nurses to renew two months before the expiration date, or they charge a late fee.

A few of my friends learned that the hard way! That was a few years ago, maybe they are not doing that anymore.

TheCommuter, BSN, RN

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The BON in the state where I reside does not send licensure renewal paperwork.

My license is due for renewal on the last day of my birth month every two years. I know this, so I pay the renewal fee 30 to 60 days before it is due.

I take my nursing license seriously. Without it, my ability to earn the money that keeps me housed and fed is abruptly cut off.

Whispera, MSN, RN

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My state doesn't send any verification after renewal. We have to go to the renewal site online and print out a verification to take to employers. Maybe this is an option. in your state?

Thanks for all the info and ideas

SO -- how did it all work out?? :)

Thanks everyone. License was renewed within 3 days.

Meriwhen, ASN, BSN, RN

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Glad it got taken care of.

To avoid this happening again, immediately schedule a reminder in your calendar for the next renewal ;)

KelRN215, BSN, RN

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Every time I've renewed my license- which has been 4x now- it automatically updates itself online as soon as I click the "submit payment" button. My BoN doesn't send out any paperwork. Your license expires on your birthday in even years if you're an RN and odd years if you're an LPN. The BoN assumes you can remember your own birthday. FWIW, the RMV in my state doesn't send out reminders about renewing drivers' licenses or registrations either.

I doubt the BoN keeps a "record" of your being fired or disciplined at work. Only disciplinary actions against licenses are recorded and those are public record.

TheCommuter, BSN, RN

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I doubt the BoN keeps a "record" of your being fired or disciplined at work. Only disciplinary actions against licenses are recorded and those are public record.
To be fair, in some states (such as Vermont), if a nurse's employment is involuntarily terminated (a.k.a. fired), managers are required to report the termination to the state BON.

The BON in the state where I reside doesn't give a rat's behind about terminations unless the nurse violated one or more board rules or regulations.

hi guys, i know its been more than a year since this topic was started. I have been procatinating with my rn licence renewal and i have only 1 day till it expired. Ive been thinking of breeze by my account has been locked. so i cant do it online now. so my only option is going to sacramento. since you mentioned that. did you know anyone you did it and how? hope to hear from you soon thanks


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