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  1. TexMex22

    I think Nursing is not for me :( :( :(

    The point of your post is what? If you've decided, great. Move on. Go get your PhD. Teach, research, whatever. If you want to be talked into nursing, forget it.
  2. TexMex22

    Any good "nurse" shows on tv? Netflix?

    London Hospital: I found it on iTunes, but go on youtube and all the other streaming services. You never know. Sometimes you can find free episodes. Call The Midwife: Just started a new season on PBS. I like it very much though many an episode is a tear jerker. I agree with you about Nurse Jackie. Nurses are people. People get addicted (to drugs, alcohol, food, whatever). We are human after all. I found Nurse Jackie's behavior alternately fascinating and disturbing. It is a real-life view into the absolute despair, conniving and sickness of addiction.
  3. TexMex22

    Pregnancy in nursing school

    So, you're NOT pregnant, but are planning a pregnancy to coincide with school???
  4. TexMex22

    ADN straight into BDN

    I was going to ask that too (BDN), but see that's been answered.
  5. TexMex22

    Was my professor out of line?

    Good luck with that holier than thou "I'm the only honest nurse" thing. You are young, new, fresh & still have the "I'm going to light the world on fire" new nurse attitude. That'll burn off soon enough. Not being mean or nasty, that's being HONEST. You'll find MANY times honesty isn't an option. I'm not going to write a book explaining why. These things will unfold as time goes by & you gain more experience. You will learn a balance of common sense, discretion, intuition & honesty. Patients (and families) often aren't ready to hear the truth when you are ready to give it. It's about your patients. You sound uptight, angry & defensive. If you don't get that under control, you aren't going to survive school let alone what comes after. Do what's right for you & your family. You seem very sure confident. You don't need to come here (all nurses) for validation. Find it within yourself.
  6. Do you have any prerequisites done yet? Or are you starting from the beginning? Just curious…
  7. TexMex22

    West Coast Univ - Dallas

    Anyone attending BSN program here? I know it's fairly new (since 2012 I think) and expensive, but wondering what actually students/grads have experienced. Thanks.
  8. TexMex22

    Obesity: A disease or a lifestyle

    Re; Cheerleaders & athletes. I don't think their being told it's ok. I don't think it's being discussed. As more adults are obese and it's accepted, I think the issue is just not being addressed unfortunately.
  9. TexMex22

    Nurses forced to work as aides

    Yes, I think anytime you are brave enough or foolish enough to say, "that's not my job" (out loud) in this job climate (unless they are asking you to break the law or put yourself at physical risk), you may find yourself: a) working in that capacity that you felt so indignant about (i.e.: nurse working as CNA) b) looking for another job c) snubbed by your co-workers who heard your snarky remark d) combo of above The most disliked, least respected worker on the unit: the one who refuses to pitch in because it's "not their job."
  10. TexMex22

    renewing license last minute

    If you renewed on online, why would get paperwork back? Isn't online (paperless) the whole point?
  11. Where are you in North Texas? (you can PM me if you want) Are you hard over on doing it online mostly?
  12. TexMex22

    I graduated!

  13. TexMex22

    Fear Not

    Mae, Wow, you've sure been through it. Hugs to you! I'm sure your mom is proud of you! It's so exciting you are getting to start school and will finally realize your dream. We're here for you.
  14. TexMex22

    Non-FIT Nurses and FIT Nurses

    Thanks for sharing. I'm eating more veggies.
  15. TexMex22

    Any good "nurse" shows on tv? Netflix?

    Most "network" shows are crap. Nurses are portrayed as bimbos that are bedding every guy they see in every episode. Disgusting. They are all young, perky, have stringy hair, fake boobs & pouty lips. Pathetic caricatures. Cannot tolerate any of them. London Hospital - GREAT Call the Midwife - AWESOME!!! Have tissues nearby (avail. on iTunes) One Born Every Minute (about British nurse midwives)… very good Trauma Doctors Search "Top 200 medical shows" - good playlist, nice variety from US and other countries Nurse Jackie - Good, but somewhat dark (addicted nurse, sex issues, etc) - Showtime but probably available on Amazon, iTunes or Netflix Getting On - HBO, good, funny, different, painfully realistic youtube Fat Doctor - A BBC production, kind of like "600 lb. Life" follows bariatric surgery cases Supersize vs Superskinny - BBC