Diploma RN's, any of us left?

  1. Curious, are any RN's who recieved their training in a hospital sponsored 3 year diploma program still in active practice? Without getting an advanced degree, ASN or beyond? Feeling like a dinosaur here ...:
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  3. by   Penelope_Pitstop
    Not me but I know someone my age (32) who received her diploma only. I don't know if her program exists anymore; it was the only one in the state when we graduated high school.

    I know that in PA when I was a new grad (2006) there were still a handful of hospital-affiliated diploma programs, although there was a push for them to become associate's programs.

    Edit: I see you are in Carlisle - I have family in Franklin Co.
  4. by   sevensonnets
    My CVI unit manager is a diploma nurse and is a fantastic manager. We work in a Catholic hospital and she graduated from the hospital's nursing school which is no longer in operation. She's been working about as long as I have--37 years. A couple of the OR nurses are diploma grads.
  5. by   RNOTODAY
    🖐🏻 Right here!!!
  6. by   DiplomaNurseRN
    We are a different breed... I was taught by nurses who had served in WWII, who in turn were taught by nurses who had received their training at the turn of the 20th century. In the mid-70's there still was not all the high tech 'gizmo gadgetry' we have learned to operate and deal with today. Not saying this is bad, but possibly we have gotten away from relying on our basic senses in our assessments. I remember there was a big emphasis in school to use the tools we carry with us 24/7/365, our eyes, ears, nose and touch.
  7. by   Rocknurse
    I was one...but I went back to school for my BSN and will soon have my MSN also. They phased them out in my country right after I graduated but we got very good schooling.
  8. by   Libby1987
    I didn't go to a diploma program but I'm a 30 yr nurse this year and had one WW2 instructor in my program. I still work with some nurses in their late 70s who were part of the original been there done that diploma nurses that I was fortunate to learn from in my first few years.
  9. by   NicuGal
    Original diploma nurse here Still darn proud of my roots. Almost everyone of us in my unit who have been there 25 years and up are diplomas. When we tell the newer girls about our clinical and what we did, they are in awe. By time I graduated, I was team leader of 20 patients with an LPN and an aide. Ah, the good old days!
  10. by   DiplomaNurseRN
    I am very proud of mine also! I know of which you speak about team leading. By third year many of us were med-surg floor charges with a licensed RN supervisor and quite capable of the responsibility. The training we had received and 'hands on' experience had prepared us for such. When it came time to literally 'sit' for our board exams (paper, pencil and proctors) we ALL passed. We started school with a class of 32 and after 3 years graduated 12. It was a tough road to say the least.
  11. by   canoehead
    I finished the diploma program in '89. I did go on to get the BsN, but it hasn't done me any favors besides taking up space on my resume. I don't think my career path or care has changed.
  12. by   chacha82
    I received my degree from a hospital almost 2 years ago. I am currently in BSN classes. I loved my nursing school, was super hard but we were well prepared and doing skills from the first semester. We also had a rigorous pharm/skills lab that was very helpful.
  13. by   elkpark
    I am an old diploma nurse, but I went on and completed a BSN and MSN and have been in advanced practice for many years now. There is a nurse on my service who is a diploma RN who never went back; she's unhappy and frustrated with her current job, but, since she only has the diploma, she's pretty much trapped because, in this area, she'd never be able to find another job with just the diploma.
  14. by   canoehead
    When I hear from new nurses that are going through the BSN program, I feel bad for their lack of exposure to floor nursing. We had 6 weeks of maternity, they had 4 days on the floor. Some didn't even get to see a birth at all, let alone a vaginal, epidural free birth. I remember 25 years later, high risk twins transported out, 1-2 births a day, a pp hemorrhage, and I got to massage the fundus, a preeclampsia, nitrous oxide use, and a near delivery in the hallway. We had a baby "bus" and all the babys went out to moms from the nursery at certain times. Student nurses held classes about bathing babies, and feeding, and we'd have 5-6 moms at each class. Our wide experience of book learning and only one week in the nursery didn't hold us back at all. I felt so much smarter after going through that experience. Not ready to do anything without backup, but enough to know that I could do it with a proper orientation.

    I wish all our new nurses could have experiences like that on the floor. WE were used as part of the staff, took over vital sign rounds and did comfort care for all the patients when we were able, and the floor nurses would let us know when there was a procedure coming up, or an interesting patient we might want to sign up for. If you were willing to jump in, there were tons of new things to see/do. We wrote a lot of careplans, but BSNs have a paper due weekly. They can research the hell out of obscure topics, but no one puts them in the trenches where they can try out the knowledge they read about.