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  1. Has anyone left nursing job due to COVID19 virus?

    Just received an email from the state health department. The takeaways: They recognize asymptomatic people can spread the virus. Awesome! They approve "alternative PPE" due to the shortage for working with confirmed positive or suspected COVID patien...
  2. Sterilize and Reuse Mask

    Sorry to be cynical but I'm looking at pics of nurses from Italy and China in head-to-toe hazmat gear. How are we protected in a yellow gown and ear loop mask?
  3. Has anyone left nursing job due to COVID19 virus?

    I am considering it. We are already being told to use 1 mask for 12 hours. The hospital insists there is no shortage of PPE. People are being told they can wear a mask "if they want to," but I also saw a transporter chastised for wearing one. I have ...
  4. I apologize, I did not mean to sound like I was dumping on case management. I agree 100% we all need to help each other, and I know case managers work very hard. So I am sorry that my comment was rude. For me, sometimes it just seems like the questio...
  5. I am going to limit this because otherwise I could go on. 1. Have visiting hours twice a day AND STICK TO IT. I cannot provide good care in a cramped room of 2 patients and they each have 5 family members who want to be updated all day and ask "What'...
  6. Question regarding overtime

    I worked a ton of overtime and burned out. By the time you get to the 4th 12 you are exhausted. It's not the overtime shifts, it's the shifts you have to work to earn that overtime. I have had jobs where no OT was available. My advice is to see it as...
  7. Leaving the OR

    You will not lose skills at all if you go to procedure area. Procedure area nurses work with highly specialized equipment, often mix and titrate medications, watch several different screens at once (in addition to monitoring the patient) and have to ...
  8. Rude nurses

    What do you consider not nice? Genuinely asking. I worked with someone who I found frosty at times, but at other times she was thoughtful towards me. So I decided to just enjoy those times and maybe the other times she was rushed or stressed. As a fo...
  9. "Not sure what unit you will be hired into..."

    OK...then...if this was simply a job that may have been represented poorly, and that it didn't even happen to the OP, then the level of ire in this post makes even less sense. An ICU job was posted. A person interviewed and was told, after the interv...
  10. "Not sure what unit you will be hired into..."

    This would be a no brainer for me. If I accepted a certain position and found out what I would be getting was not well defined or not defined at all I would resign immediately. I was offered an interview once for a position that floated between three...
  11. Getting confidence back

    Thanks for your reply, trauma! I have since left that position. I appreciate your response! As you say, I'm trying to get up to speed on the new floor.
  12. If you were offered a position somewhere else, try to find joy in that and move forward (not as easy as it sounds I know). I worked at a facility while in nursing school as a CNA as well. When it came time to apply for RN jobs, not only was I not hir...
  13. Getting confidence back

    I have been a nurse for almost 4 years. Worked on a great floor for most of this time, went to a new job a few months ago. While there my preceptor and another nurse belittled me daily and criticized and corrected everything I did in a way I had neve...
  14. My coworkers dont like me because I bragged

    Never complain, never explain. Just be nice and helpful to everyone from now on. New gossip will come along soon enough, and I say this as someone who loves gossip.
  15. How do I become stronger clinically?

    Seek out opportunities to learn from your coworkers. Ask to be assigned to assigned to cases you would like to learn about. I always offer to take patients dumped on us from other areas so that I can learn. Take advantage of chances to float to other...