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DiplomaNurseRN has 35 years experience and specializes in Pushing a rock ....

I was born in Cork City, Ireland and came to the States when I was 5 yo. I Joined the Army at 17 (1969) and served as a helicopter medic in VN / Cambodia. After discharge from the military, I took my GI bill and became a FF/EMT-P then attended a 3 year hospital diploma school. My practice was primarily as an ER / CC nurse in inner city Baltimore. I retired from nursing in 2010. Sláinte!

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  1. DiplomaNurseRN

    April 2017 Caption Contest - Select $100 Winner!

    'Cold hands, warm heart'
  2. DiplomaNurseRN

    Diploma RN's, any of us left?

    Wonderful! Welcome to a very proud 'band of angels'. Congratulations!
  3. DiplomaNurseRN

    2016 Salary thread

    Baltimore non-union RN critical care float with 30 plus years experience, hospital is $38 an hour with time and 1/2 on call (receive $100 if not called in) and fed holidays. Receive all major benefits. Agency is $42 with time and 1/2 on major holidays. My monthly bills run around $1500 to include mortgage and car payment. I started nursing making $4 an hour, minimum wage was a $1.25
  4. DiplomaNurseRN

    2016 Salary thread

    Baltimore RN critical care float, a flat $38 an hour with time and 1/2 on call and fed holidays. Agency is $42 with time and 1/2 on major holidays.
  5. DiplomaNurseRN

    Should drug diverters be prosecuted?

    I had a dear friend who got herself addicted to trammadol and worked nursing homes on occasion to pilfer or outright steal blister packs of the medication. She played that game once too many and was caught. The PA BON reviewed and gave her sanctions to continue her practice but she failed to comply and lost her license indefinitely. This wonderful Penn State SON honors grad (top in her class) and the best nurse I ever was blessed to work beside, was out forever of the profession she truly loved. Sad, very sad.
  6. DiplomaNurseRN

    Will nursing wreck my hands?

    For me, it was the grossly obese who have no motivation, do nothing for themselves and constantly whine about not getting enough attention to their 'needs'... I admit, my cheerleader skills have been stretched pretty thin at times...
  7. DiplomaNurseRN

    Do they still teach nursing history?

    Sorry, image enlarged ...
  8. DiplomaNurseRN

    Do they still teach nursing history?

  9. DiplomaNurseRN

    Do they still teach nursing history?

    That's a shame as it's such a wonderful study. Our class was quite detailed and we learned interesting 'tid bits' like Dorothea Dix actually developed the concept of the 'modern' hospital during the Civil War, Clara Barton had tea on the deck of the USS Maine the day before it blew up in Santiago Harbour starting the Spanish American War and RNs wore black on their nurses caps as a symbol of mourning for Florence Nightengale. Fun stuff!
  10. DiplomaNurseRN

    You will be....

    My original post should read 'be held responsible for NOT knowing where to find them'....oops.
  11. DiplomaNurseRN

    You will be....

    Never lie, think before you answer and don't reveal where all the unit crap is hidden...
  12. DiplomaNurseRN

    You will be....

    In school we were taught that in our practice we would never be held accountable for not knowing all the answers, but we would be held responsible for knowing where to find them.
  13. DiplomaNurseRN

    'High, hot and a helluva lot...

    Yep, before Fleets, 'twas the ancient 'battle cry' of an order for an enema. I can't remember any special thrill about it, either from the giver or the recipient (tho I did have a patient tell me, 'that was great' once which was somewhat disconcerting). Walking into a room with the bucket and what seemed like a mile of hose always insured you got the patients attention. Wide eyed and pulling their covers up to the neck, it was obvious, with many, you were going where no one had gone before. I always found this was one procedure where it was usually difficult to get the patient to relax. I typically would try to talk to the patient but this was often useless as they focused on the sound and sight of the bucket filling with warm soapy water and I lubed up the tubing. Making sure there were no obstacles between the bed and the bathroom and with the instruction to 'hold it as long as you can', the moment was upon us.... let the games begin.
  14. When I went to school, our shared nursing history and tradition was one of my favorite blocks of early instruction. I am curious if this is a part of the curriculum anymore? I know for me, learning about our heritage was quite inspiring and knowing I might eventually join the ranks of so many wonderful forebears gave me an added drive to succeed.
  15. DiplomaNurseRN

    Most Challenging Aspect in Your Nursing Career?

    Families top the list..then we add non-compliant patients, the 'glamor' nurses, clueless management, lazy staff, medical and nursing students, SURGICAL RESIDENTS, pompous attending's and PA's, interaction with ancillary services, chronic incontinence, IV pumps, patient transportation, late 'stat' lab results, a unit housekeeper that insists on putting the toilet tissue rolls 'from under' and not 'over the top', lukewarm coffee, having to pee, etc. etc.....
  16. DiplomaNurseRN

    Your Most AWKWARD Nursing Moment

    Inserting a pre-op foley into my Nursing Supervisor who I had been assigned as her nurse. Humming 'Getting to Know you', she caught it and we both were laughing so hard I compromised the proceedure and had to build a new set-up.