quitting while i'm ahead


I was so excited to be finally going to college and starting a career at res care. I started taking the mod classes last week for res care and was doing fine, until I found out I would have to do cpr and first aid. What's wrong with that? Nothing. If you're not anxiety ridden like me. So what happened? I was so freaked out and ended up leaving. I never spoke to my home supervisor so they probably think I quit.

It would have been so great to have this experience for my nursing application not to mention the fact I really liked my clients. Then today my financial aid finally came in and there were so many people I just went home. I want more than anything to be a nurse but I think I just need wise up. I'm gonna stick with my pre requisites cause I need them no matter what and maybe go into computer science. Is there anyone else who suffers from social anxiety??

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Have you been diagnosed with thhis? May be it is Aspergers. My son has these challanges and that is what he has. If yu have testing you can ask your state vocational rehab office for ideas on how to deal with this. There also are books that will help. It is not a bad thing, just a challange. You can be a nurse if you seek to find ways to overcome. Some nurses don't work with crowds they work in law firms and home care one on one with a patient. Think of why you want to nurse. Is it worth the hard work and effort? Blessings as you make the choice to nurse or not!


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No matter what you end up doing education and career wise, I think you need to seek assistance with your situation in order to be able to better enjoy life. Why start a pattern of walking away from your goals because of this? Get a medical evaluation and see what can be done to help you. Good luck.

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I'd get a medical diagnosis on your feelings of anxiety, so you can go about a way to lead a more happier, less stressful life that anxiety can cause. I've went through anxiety, but mine is triggered by stress loaded on top of stress, and holding frustrations in. I learned to control my anxiety by not keeping so much to myself. Maybe there is some type of exercise or medication you can utilize to continue on with your future career. Does this bring on anxiety attacks or do you just feel them coming on if you don't get away? If you feel this way about being around a crowd of people, it may be hard for you to receive any type of degree due to this fear, so if Nursing is where your heart is, I wouldn't give up. Seek help and go from there. It will benefit you in the long run. Good luck! :)


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I have talked with a doc before and was prescribed paxil. I quit taking it because I got tired of feeling like a zombie. I've never had an anxiety attack. Whenever I start getting the rapid heart beat, I know to leave. I'm just gonna try and so the bear I can.


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Dear Amber,

Maybe instead of running from the vicinity, you can step outside get some cold water, some air, and calm down so you won't have lose out on good things. Some times I go through the same thing.

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You should get a second opinion because for one paxil is not the only anti-anxiety med...also just because you haven't had a classical panic attack doesn't mean you don't have them. did you ever think that you haven't had a panic attack because you always run from difficult situations before it goes that far?


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From one anxious gal to another...

Plenty of people have had bad experiences with this or that various psych drug. I know I did. Paxil didn't do anything to help my anxiety, but Xanax turned me into a dysfunctional zombie. Part of psychiatric medicine is trying different medications to find the one that works best for you. It sounds like you're not happy right now, and like the other posters I agree that you should seek medical advice. Anxiety spectrum disorders are very treatable, both with medications and with psychotherapy. Best of luck to you in your schooling. :heartbeat


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Dear Amber:

Is it social phobia or agoraphobia? How long have you been existing with this?

How long has it held you back?

It sounds to me that you are no longer comfortable with your old way, and are now faced with "getting with the program" or getting left behind.

From your comment, I take it that you're a compassionate caregiver. It is imperative to continue your education; because your employer sees you as an asset, they endorsed you to take the course.

Your goal is to be a proficient caregiver, and that road is not always easy. If it were easy, everyone would be in healthcare!

I have found that employing "therapeutic communication" works effectively in social situations as well as healthcare situations. How are your therapeutic communication skills?

Have you identified triggers for the anxiety behavior? It sounds like you've been able to keep a handle on the anxiety by avoiding anxity-provoking situations, but now your career demands that you interact with new people and new locations.


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I really appreciate all of the feedback on this. This is really the first time I've gone in depth about this. I think its more of a social phobia. I can remember always being shy but somewhere along the way its gotten out of control. I have a 1 year old now and its so funny how sociable he is. I just want to be normal. I have made a doctor's appointment for tomorrow and hopefully I will get more insight.

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So happy you are taking the next step of seeing the doctor. Social phobias can be overcome! Keep it up and let us know how it goes. When you start school we will cheer you on for sure!!


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I have talked with a doc before and was prescribed paxil. I quit taking it because I got tired of feeling like a zombie. I've never had an anxiety attack. Whenever I start getting the rapid heart beat, I know to leave. I'm just gonna try and so the bear I can.

I know exactly what your going through. I have been dealing with social anxiety for several years now. I'am however on Paxil, been on it for 2 yrs now, and I feel like I have my life back. It was so bad to wear I would skip out on work meetings or even family events. I'm 25 yrs old and I felt like I was missing out and got tired of it so I went to see a psychiatrist. Sometimes meds are the only way...I tried natural remedies and nothing worked. Iam now starting back on my pre-reqs and going forward with my career that I always wanted but was too afraid to do it b/c of my anxiety. Alot of ppl dont understand how we feel and they think we are weirdos but thats not the case. And ppl will be like, why are you like that? Your pretty and nothing wrong with you. LOL. I dont know why but it is what it is. I hope this helps and hope you get everything worked out! xoxo:nurse: