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  1. HELP question about cna test

    I would call and see if it can be used. Idk because they are strict about those kinda things.
  2. What all do I need to take...

    Im going for my LPN first at my community college, then later get my RN. I wanna go ahead and get my foot in the door and start working. The pre-req's for my community college you have to have ENG comp 111, pysch, A&P 1 & 2, and of course you...
  3. Interview Tomorrow - PRN - Telemetry Unit

    You might hear, " 1 yr experience is required." Thats what I heard today. Booooo! Good luck though!!!
  4. Experience Required??? Ug

    Okay, so it gets on my nerves that places need 'experience' and they wont give you a job. That is so stupid! How are you gonna get experience if nobody will hire you! I worked at a nursing home back in 08 for 6 weeks, plus successfully completed a C...
  5. Who excited about the new semester

    Im pretty excited! This will be my first semester of pre-reqs. I'm going for my LPN first So it wont take me too long before I can apply to the nursing program at my CC. Ready to get this over with!!! :nurse::redpinkhe:redpinkhe:redpinkhe
  6. HELP!! Nursing prereqs for Morton College and JJC...

    If your going for your RN it sounds about right. It will take some time before you can apply. Looks like your missing you math class??? Good luck girl! :redpinkhe
  7. quitting while i'm ahead

    Thats funny, I have a one year old too and he is very socialable! Loves ppl and kids! I just hope he doesnt take after his mommy
  8. quitting while i'm ahead

    I know exactly what your going through. I have been dealing with social anxiety for several years now. I'am however on Paxil, been on it for 2 yrs now, and I feel like I have my life back. It was so bad to wear I would skip out on work meetings or ev...
  9. freaking out!!

    Nursing school takes alot of commitment and focusing. Study study study! Good luck!
  10. book...where to find cheaper books

    Ive been doing some research myself. Books are CRAZY expensive!!! I ended up buying 2 of my books off Amazon (love amazon), and I think I'm just going to buy my math book from the school bookstore since it is some kinda package deal (right, deal?) Bu...
  11. What are you taking this semester?

    Math, English, some type of req class & ... ready for semester to be over with already!
  12. Any good sites that sell used textbooks?

    thank you very much!
  13. Hey Whats up? I'm looking to buy some uses texts for my first semester of pre-nursing classes. Any suggestions would be awesome! Thank ya!!
  14. IvyTech-Sellersburg students?

    Thats great! :yeah:Good luck! Wish I was ready to apply I do have a question... Ive been trying to find some used textbooks b/c I really do not want to pay over 300 for 3 books when I will use them for one semester. Do you know of a website where I ...
  15. Ivy Tech Students

    Im just now starting my pre nursing classes at Sellersburg. Do any of you know of a website where I can find math 015 and eng 083 textbooks uses?