Umm, 16 hour shifts anyone??

  1. I haven't worked in a hospital in 3 years, but I recenly applied for an RN position for in-patient psych at a great hospital. It would be two 16 hour shifts a week (3p-7a). Whaddya think?? I'm thinking I could handle two shifts a week... ??
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  3. by   TexasPediRN
    Are they back to back?

    We have one nurse who does 2 16 hour shifts back to back on the weekend (sat and sun). I dont know how she does it. Hers are 7a-11p.

    I beleive that the 2 16 hours are considered full time, with benefits. Not bad for only 2 days a week.

    Good luck!
  4. by   CHATSDALE
    absolutely doable...
    i like the day/evening myself but have done the other, gives you 5 days off inbetween, full time..usually at a higher rate than the other shifts
    yo will love it..gets your work time out of the way the only problem i had esp with evening/night is that the irst day off you are in a down mode
    maybe if you ae there for a while they will work you into the day/evening shift..a world of difference
  5. by   olol765 me some questions to ask. I don't want to do them back to back... and I don't want to do weekends. But otherwise it sounds good!!
  6. by   JohnBearPA
    I work fri 7-3, then sat and sun 7a-11p, then off until wed 7-3, thurs and fri 7a-11p. I love the 6 days off in between. It's like a mini-vacation every two weeks. Also saves alot on gas, as I drive 45 minutes each way. I'm tired after the doubles on my first day off, but I guess you just get used to it. I love the free-time tho.
  7. by   nicunana
    My first job out of nursing school was back to back 16 hour shifts in a psych hospital. I was in my mid thirties with 2 teenage children, & it gave me lots of time to spend at home. The 1st day off was a major sleep day, as I could never go home & get right to sleep without unwinding a bit, first. It really was a marvelous schedule, because once I got started, I could keep on going. It seems like I got a lot more accomplished in 16 hours than in two 8 hour shifts. After just 2 days, the rest of the week was mine. I say go for it--you never know until you try it!
  8. by   Lisa CCU RN
    I did this as a CNA. I LOVED it. You have all that time off during the week and you can still work a day or two during the week if you'd like some extra money. Or you could take yourself a little vacation. Plenty of time for kids and you are around to take them to school.

    It is really not that bad.
  9. by   Lisa CCU RN
    Quote from nicunana
    It really was a marvelous schedule, because once I got started, I could keep on going. It seems like I got a lot more accomplished in 16 hours than in two 8 hour shifts.

    I agree. You don't have to rush and things do indeed get done.
  10. by   pegbord
    I have never heard of these kind of hours -- is this common? (and considered full time with benefits?)
  11. by   olol765
    Yes, it's considered f/t w/ benefits. The only thing is.... I'm single and without children!!! I'm trying to justify having that much free time!!!
  12. by   TexasPediRN
    Quote from briehy
    yes, it's considered f/t w/ benefits. the only thing is.... i'm single and without children!!! i'm trying to justify having that much free time!!!
    if you're a workaholic, and didnt want that much free time, you could pick up one or two shifts during the week for some ot!

  13. by   Billikin
    If you are new to psych, I think it would be smart to start off with 8hrs to see if you like it and can handle it. Psych can be so mentally taxing and exhausting. Doing 16 hours shifts may be more than you can bear.
  14. by   olol765
    I'm not new to psych... but I would be new to in-patient psych. And I'm starting to think that Billikin may be right. It's just that right now I'm auditing charts and I'm dying to get back into patient care (never thought I'd say that...)

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