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olol765 has 2 years experience and specializes in Psychiatric.

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  1. New School Nurse!!!

    I'm so sorry!!!
  2. New School Nurse!!!

    Sorry nicrom, I don't have that much info either. I start on Tuesday. Like you said, immunizations, phsyicals, meds, diabetics, add. I'm really excited. JLS, I didn't have any experience either. But in my area, they are in desperate need for nurses (...
  3. The American South? Or, the West?

    I'm also from Louisiana and consider Texas to be the West. :)
  4. That was always my worst fear in psych... worse than getting hit!! Being the only nurse in my out-pt clinic it was unavoidable when a pt came in for treatment. Luckily, they were either former pts or very, very casual acquaintances.
  5. Any Psych Nurses???

    what about multiple personality disorders or Malingering??
  6. Did you get 265? Did you pass?

    Hi friend!! I got 265 questions as well. I got only 2-1/2 hours sleep the night before as my little sister decided to go into labor that night. I PASSED. I thank God and consider my little nephew my lucky charm!! Keep us posted!!
  7. free cigs for psych patients

    At my facility as well we gave our patients 6 cigarettes a day. If pts were "good" some of the other staff would reward them with extra cigs. I did not approve of this and would explain to them why this was not good for our pts as well. I also refuse...
  8. I used to dream about working in the hospital all the time. It was draining because not only did I work 12 hours a day but then I dreamt about it for 8 hours. I felt like I was always at work. I haven't worked in the hospital for 2 years now but I s...
  9. Utilization/Precert Nurses

    There was a position at my current company where you could review doctors offices twice a week and the other 3 days you could work from home writing reports!!! How cool would that be?? I applied for it but I think they are gonna start making the nurs...
  10. Utilization/Precert Nurses

    Hey!! I think I can join in here!! I've reviewed charts for almost 4 months now. I too miss my patients, but not necessariliy the work. I do find my job kinda boring...it's a new position so right now I'm left with a lot of down time. But I don't cry...
  11. WOW!! I thought I was the only one!! I failed my first time and when I scheduled it the second time I didn't tell anyone...in case I failed. I passed the same day my little nephew was born. I had 2 hours sleep the night before... I say he's my little...
  12. Hurst Review

    I failed the boards the first time and took the Hurst review before taking the NCLEX the second time and PASSED!!! I think it's worth it. Think about it this way...how much will it cost her if she fails???
  13. Interview Reasons for Switching to Clinic Nursing

    You have your hospital experience that you can give them. Like you, I HATED hospital work. What I told my employers was that while the hospital wasn't for me it gave me invaluble experience. If THEY are working in a clinic they will usually understan...
  14. Immunization shots for OLOLC

    I graduated from OLOL in '04 and we had to have hep shots. Not sure if that's changed....
  15. OLOL-I'm in!

    Why are u declining??