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  1. For years the hospital where I work wanted everyone to be certified in their specialty. They would reward you $500.00 a year. Not much, but every little helps. I studied hard, spent $400.00 and passed. Now I learned they are no longer giving this bonus. Not to mention it costs money to remain certified once you have passed. I used to advocate taking this test. Now I tell everyone learn all the facts before you make a go of it.
  2. Billikin

    Psychiatric-Mental Health Certification

    I bought the ANCC book like you have and studied from that for months. It's alot of information to remember. Yes, the test was very hard, just like the nursing stateboard. It's a 3 hour computer test with 175 questions. They ask you about nursing theories,medications and everything else that's in the book. Many questions are things you can't study for and have to use your gut instinct. If this is something you really want, I say go for it. Just do it. I was so nervous sitting there and managed to pass. If I can do it, so can you. Good Luck and let me know how it's going.