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Psych Certification -a bit disappointing


For years the hospital where I work wanted everyone to be certified in their specialty. They would reward you $500.00 a year. Not much, but every little helps. I studied hard, spent $400.00 and passed. Now I learned they are no longer giving this bonus. Not to mention it costs money to remain certified once you have passed. I used to advocate taking this test. Now I tell everyone learn all the facts before you make a go of it.

Jules A, MSN

Specializes in Family Nurse Practitioner.

That is a bummer. Hopefully you will still find value in the certification. Would your facility consider giving you a small hourly increase based on it? I would certainly ask. Congrats on your hard work and continuing ed.


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your facility won't support your endeavor:crying2:.


the investment in

maintaining your credential

is worth it!:D

it gives a "boost"

to your resume and

keeps you

"on-top-of things" in the specialty

by encouraging

continuing education and presentations.


not a waste of time

in my book.:twocents:

Orca, ASN, RN

Specializes in Corrections, psychiatry, rehab, LTC. Has 26 years experience.

Exactly why I didn't renew my ANCC certification. I've found that employers really don't care about it, apart from the fact that they can brag that they have certified nurses on staff. They certainly don't care enough to compensate you for it, either paying for the test or giving you additional salary. I never found that it gave me an edge in landing a job either.