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Geriatrics, Cardiac, ICU
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Lisa CCU RN is a RN and specializes in Geriatrics, Cardiac, ICU.

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  1. Lisa CCU RN

    Had some labs done on Friday....results have me worried...

    If you had renal failure, you'd have hypocalcemia. Right?
  2. Lisa CCU RN

    What makes NS so hard?

    For me. it wasn't hard. It is a lot of info, but it wasn't hard at all. The worst part was clinicals. Staying up and doing careplans sucked, but still not hard.
  3. Lisa CCU RN

    WHY do we need more nurses

    With white collar responsibility.
  4. Lisa CCU RN

    Ever Gag or Vimit While Doing the Job?

    Now, that is too cute!
  5. Lisa CCU RN

    To the single parent night shifters

    Second grade? That means he is about 7. I have a 6 and an 8 year old and I sleep while they watch TV ot color, read, or play. I make breakfast before lying down and also make lunch. They know how to get it from the fridge. I have the alarm on so no one can go out or come in without me knowing it. My kids are fine with this and they know when I will wake up. I try not to have to do it too often, but I do what I have to do. Most days they are in school when I'm asleep and they just ring the doorbell and I let them in when they get off the bus...but by then, I/'m awake anyway.
  6. Lisa CCU RN

    Can a staff member being fired for being HIV positive ?

    No. why does she have to tell anyway? The same laws that protect patient privacy protect her. If they fire her for the risk, then I guess we need to not have to take care of positive hep C patients and HIV patients.
  7. Lisa CCU RN

    Medical This or That

    Ingrown toenail. Confused patient who likes to fling poop on the walls or phlegm?
  8. Lisa CCU RN

    Meltdown at work

    Wow, I'm sorry you are under so much stress. I'm scared to ever leave where I work now! I have NEVER been treated like that by anyone on my floor, not even the techs...we all get along. Maybe, I have been having it easy.
  9. Lisa CCU RN

    University of Memphis Loewenburg School of Nursing

    :DGreat program. I'm a product of it.
  10. Lisa CCU RN

    2 questions: 1 about the ICU, 1 about orientation

    Yeah, I found the ECCO to be very helpful. I know what an ICU personality is believe me, lol, and our nurses don't have the snotty, anal retentiveness. They can be assertive if needed, but they know how to be nice about it. Like I said, I'm scared to go anywhere else!
  11. Lisa CCU RN

    Sex and Nursing School

    Well, some of the poster's seem to think two hours is too long, so is it really too much to ask for 10, 15, 20 ,30 minutes to spend some time with your partner? I mean, does it really last all that long anyway, lol?
  12. Lisa CCU RN

    how many patients for a new grad on the first day on the floor?

    I work in ICU with a six month time with a preceptor. The first day, I took one patient and did everything except checking charts, calling MD and the lab or any off floor procedures; I never shadowed because I had already worked on the floor as a nurse tech and I knew the routine. After about 2-3 weeks, I did total care on just the one patient and gave meds to both. After a month, my original preceptor left and I got another one. We picked up where the other had left off and all the way up to about the 5th month, I just did everything except call MD's. By the time I was in the second week of the 5th month, I was doing everything without a problem. I guess it was just a matter of the preceptor listening to my needs and feeling me out to see what I needed.
  13. Lisa CCU RN

    2 questions: 1 about the ICU, 1 about orientation

    I started off in the ICU and I am doing fine. I had six months with a preceptor and during that time also had classroom and online instruction from the AACN. I am on about my 7th shift alone and I've called docs when I needed to, taken my patient to MRI, transferred both my patients off the floor and gotten a whole new set mid shift... mind you these are the little things that scare me. I'm not worried about my patient coding because I can recognize an unreponsive patient or one without heartbeat or respirations. I know will have help in two seconds if my patient is in trouble. As far as ICU personalities, I think I will be in for a huge shock if I ever go to another ICU in another hospital because the nurses on our unit are like a family and we ALWAYS help each other. It is very laid back, but work gets done. There simply is no ICU mentality here.
  14. Lisa CCU RN

    Starting Salary.

    They do up North and in the Western states.
  15. Lisa CCU RN

    Sex and Nursing School

    Maybe I hang around the wrong people, but I agree with this stat even without out a link just from what I see and hear on a daily basis. And didn't anyone watch Sex and the City the movie? Now Steve shouldn't have done what he did, but SIX MONTHS, Miranda. SHAME! Even the B-I-B-L-E says that a husband and wife should not go without having sex unless they BOTH agree, so they won't be tempted. Give me a minute and I will get the chapter and verse for you.
  16. Lisa CCU RN

    Sex and Nursing School

    Having kids is no excuse for not having sex.