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  1. cindy0624

    Mini Diem or Super Diem?

    Anyone know what this means? I've seen a couple of ads on Monster advertising for this. I'm aware of P{er-diem, but I though this may be different?
  2. cindy0624

    Working weekends/schedules? r/o

    Thanks guys for you supoortive posts! I think I just needed a boost of reassurance. This is a big decision for me but I think I'm going to go ahead and sign the final paperwork and pay my deposit next week. I'm just going to go for it and worry about the other hurdles later. Thanks again!
  3. cindy0624

    Working weekends/schedules? r/o

    I know-that is completely true. That's why I'm getting cold feet; hence the original post. I wouldn't blame employers for not working around my crazy life! I'm just concerned that I'll put the time, money and effort in to school and I won't be able to make it work. It's not that I don't want to but I really don't have any family around to help out and I live in an area where childcare is pretty outrageus. I'm not giving up-just exploring my options right now and trying to be realisitic. What's meant to be will be (or so they say!).
  4. cindy0624

    Working weekends/schedules? r/o

    It's not a shallow reason and I am dedicated to being a nurse. I've already got 10 years in the medical field. However my husband is in the US Military and is sometimes gone months at a time. I have to worry about childcare on the weekends. On top of that, my family is more important than my career. When my child doens't get to see his father for months at a time I think it is important that he has a parent around on weekends. You have to be open-minded to the fact that everyone has different life sitiuations and the schedule might not work out. IMO that was a pretty "shallow" response. While nursing might not fit into my life I'm still planning to pursue the education in a few years when my son is older.
  5. cindy0624

    Working weekends/schedules? r/o

    Just when I've about been accepted in to LPN school I'm getting cold feet. I've starting researching jobs and the reality has dawned on me that as a nurse I'll probably always work a good deal of weekends. This concerns me because that is my only family time to speak of. I was wondering what the "real life" is lactually like and if my fears are unfounded. I'm scared I've made the wrong career choice. I'm probably being a big chicken!
  6. Because the wait for the ADN programs in my area are very long I'd made the decision to go with an LPN program first and then do the transitional to RN later. But after visiting all the LPN schools in my area I've found out that they either have about a 2 year wait or aren't even taking applicants right now! They do have Medical Assisting and Surgical Tech programs open right away. Would either of these to certifications help me in any way towards a future nursing degree? My goal is that I really want to start working in the medical field and earning some $ ASAP, and then working at my own pace towards the RN. Any opinions would be appreciated.