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Student loan/Vocational School Question r/o

Hello! I live in Broward County, FL and the wait to get into a nursing program is long I decided to go the LPN route first. I was hoping to go to a Broward County Vocational School but I saw on the website that they don't secure student loans. I applied for FAFSA and my EFC is so high I'm basically on my own. I was going to apply for a loan to cover my tuition, books, uniforms and help with living expenses a little since I'll have to cut back to part-time. Does anyone know if this is possible since they don't secure student loans? What exactly does this mean?


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It means they don't certify student loans so you can't get one through them. You can however get a private student loan. I'm not positive you can get one for a a tech school, but try it anyway. Go to http://www.salliemae.com, http://www.chela.com or do a google search. These have checks sent directly to the student rather than having the school certify and disburse them--this is what your tech school is saying they do NOT do. Whatever you do, apply for the loan BEFORE you go part time or quit; even better wait till you have final approval of the loan and it's on its way to you. Good Luck.

I know here in Kansas no Vocational School uses gov. student loans. I heard that it was b/c they had such low repayment rates. Have you thought of going to a CC and getting an AS RN it's about the same amount of time.

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