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  1. SN2432

    First day on the floor

    i am new on my floor PCU unit and i wonder why are some nurses so mean when a new nurse does not know how to do something or gives a bad report. i am really trying but some people are just nasty. it blows my mind. i am nervous as can be ..first day next week i feel like i am goingto mess up something majorly
  2. SN2432

    Failed Nclex

    I did Uworld only but i am switching to Kaplan and focusing on strategy more. i believe i freaked out and could not concentrate after a certain point was my big issue. alot of personal stress.
  3. SN2432

    Failed Nclex

    Hi everyone I took my NCLEX last Friday and found out I failed. I had near passing in every category except one which was basic comfort and care I'm not sure how to look at this if I'm near passing in every category is that really bad or is that reason for hope. I had 265 questions and didn't make it. I try to make everything content related with my studying for this time around those and try to switch to technique and new plan like Kaplan. Inspiration stories welcome for those with similar situations.
  4. SN2432


    HELLO I am graduating with my RN in December. i am a 2 year experience LPN. long term goal is to be a travel nurse. any advice on best place to look for experience to achieve that long term goal. thanks
  5. i am doing an article skit in school for a dying patient to show beneficence. can someone recommend 4 drugs for a dying patient that fit this category
  6. SN2432

    Kaplan Readiness Score

    i scored a 64 on my readiness score. can anyone tell me how this translates to passing nclex. or if that is a ok score, any advice or info is welcome. thank you
  7. SN2432

    Nclex PN PRep

    Hi guys , i just graduated nursing school for my PN. i have Kaplan, Saunders for review material. i just need help organizing a little. i am getting 40% on my kaplan scores which is not good. has anyone ever taken kaplan and saw their test scores improve over a time period. also how many test questions did you take per day. any advice or stories is welcome
  8. SN2432


    Hello, i am graduating from LPN school in 2 weeks and began testing on Kaplan and Uworld and i have noticed my scores are on average maybe 55 percent on Kaplan and on Uworld 40 percent. i am starting to get nervous because i know this will not be enough for NCLEX. anyone else been down this road and come out positive