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  1. andreead

    NP school

    Hello all. I am looking to get an NP degree after 6 months of bedside experience in LTC. I will also work 2.5 years part time while obtaining my degree since I know that it is critical to have bedside nursing experience first. I know that some nurses have 15-20 years of nursing experience before they decide to go back so will this affect me with having basically 3 years of RN experience ( 6 months before and 2.5 during school)? Thank so sooo much Andreea
  2. andreead

    New grad in LTC overwhelmed. Help!

    Hi I just accepted a PRN ( no fulltime available in my area) position in a LTC SNF that has long term floor, memory care and rehab. Rehab is like med aurg really. Lots of admissions and discharges everyday. Well I started 2 days ago ( tommorow will be my third 12 hr shift) and I feel absolutely overwhelmed. So much to learn in so little time. I onky get 15 days of orientation and that is for all the floors - rehab, memory care and long term care. I am learning a lot of time managememt for med passes, treatments etc. Do you have any suggestions for me? I am so worried for when I will be on my own.
  3. andreead

    South university FNP

    Hello i am a BSN trained nurse interested in South University. Anyone here went through that online program? Were you able to pass the boards and get a job after graduation? how is the program like? thanks andreea
  4. hi everyone I am looking for some recommendation for online np prgrams adut gero or fnp that help you with the clinical placements. I know so far Georgetown offers that but the program costs 84k. I think it is super expensive. Is Georgetown the online program that helps with this aspect? I am leery of going to a place that doesn not find your preceotors and then you have to withdraw if you ca't find the preceptor I would appreciate any feedback
  5. andreead

    Psa healthcare interview

    Hello everyone i am a new grad BSN in Florida and I was just offered an interview at an "assessment center" at PSA healthcare. Does anyone know what that test entails? What should I expect? What should I prepare for it?
  6. andreead

    Nursing honors society

    Anyone a member of the sigma theta tau? I am a nursing student with a good GPA and the school sent me an invitation in sigma theta tau. Do you think that helps to get my first job? Or is a waste of money?
  7. andreead

    Peds nurse

    Do you guys think that I can get a peds job as a new grad BSN ? What hospitals should I try? I really like Nicu
  8. andreead

    Florida new grad salary

    Hi is anyone willing to share what is their new grad BSN level salary ? I am graduating in August and I am considering hospitals throught florida
  9. andreead

    New grad internship in Florida

    I looked into starn in Tampa and was told I have to graduate and have my license when I apply.
  10. andreead

    New grad internship in Florida

    Zoubisoubizou what program are you in?
  11. andreead

    New grad internship in Florida

    I will graduate with my BSN in August. Anyone knows of any hospital that offers an internship to which I can apply before I graduate? Or do you think I have to pretty much wait for graduation and getting a state license and then only apply?
  12. andreead

    HCA StaRN apprenticeship progran

    Does anyone know if the StaRN program interviews nursing students in their senior year or they just consider you after you are graduated. I would personally like to secure something so that I have something set in stone thanks
  13. andreead

    Relocating to Florida from Ohio new grad

    Are you out of state then? Did they hire out of state grads?
  14. andreead

    Relocating to Florida from Ohio new grad

    Tampa area
  15. andreead

    Relocating to Florida from Ohio new grad

    When did you start applying? Did you start applying way ahead of time?
  16. Hi can anyone give me some advice about finding a job in Florida as a new grad?i have 8 months til graduation and was wondering how can I be proactive about finding a job in Florida as a nurse?