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  1. Destiny12

    Is there a balance?

    Hello everyone, is there ever a balance. Are we expected to work until we have nothing left. Are we to be treated unfairly. I am mentally and physically discouraged. I work so hard and it never seems enough. As I cross one bridge it's like a mountain is a head. I remember going through school and thinking just hold on a little while longer things will get better. Well it's been several years later and I am still saying just a little while longer things will get better.
  2. Destiny12

    Feeling discouraged

    hello dave, thanks for your response. A lot has happened since this post. I am doing a lot better. I have found employment that I enjoy that will get better and I am starting school soon. Life is good and it can only get better. I have made some very difficult decisions, but they are in my best interest. I wish you all the best for the coming new year.
  3. Destiny12

    health professional while married

    Thanks for this web-site very positive. I think fear has played a huge part in my life. Life I don't drive out of fear but it leaves me so sad as there are so many places I want to go, which are not in walking distance and I miss out. I love to read but the book store is miles away. When I got married I moved out of the city. I love where I live but you have to drive to really enjoy life here, and my hubby gives me a hard time when I want to drive somewhere. But fear are not I am going to start driving, because once I start driving it will make it easier to move on. I kinda feel sad, as I have only been married for 3yrs.
  4. Destiny12

    health professional while married

    wow, thanks for the great response. I one point I thought my career was affecting my marriage but now I have come to realise that my marriage is the problem. My career is great and will get better. The marriage on the other hand is going downwards fast. I am sick and tired of feeling unhappy or pretending to be happy. I was so happy and free when I was single. I am not very emotional and I married a man with no emotion. Here is the kicker I can count how many times I have held my hubbies hand. Crazy. No more for this new year I am going to eat better, exercise, enjoy my career, sleep better, enjoy life more, and walk away from this unhappy marriage. I know the road a head may be hard but I have been through a lot and I have always made it through. I will be fine. In fact once I told my hubby we should separate his response do what makes you happy, no emotion no care. I welcome your feed back.
  5. Destiny12

    health professional while married

    hello all, does your career affect your marriage?
  6. Destiny12

    how do you deal with disappointment?

    Hello everyone, thanks for all your positive replies. I now look at my disappointment as a blessing. I truly believe that I am where I am for a reason. This particular field will provide the skills needed to open the doors to many great opportunities. Plus I'm going back to school can't wait another great experience. Thanks again everyone have a great holiday.
  7. Destiny12

    how do you deal with disappointment?

    hey all, how do you deal with disappointment in life, work, or education etc. how do you know your headed down the right path. I am currently in a healthcare area that I like and I have made plans to further my education in this particular area but then i saw another opportunity in a whole different area and I put my energy towards that new path but things didn't work out so I am continuing in my original area. Should i continue with my original plan. I welcome your thoughts.
  8. Destiny12

    ok, am I boring?

    wow, thanks everyone for replying to my bost now i know boring is ok.
  9. Destiny12

    ok which job would you choose?

    Thanks for the reply they both have great benefits and hours.
  10. Destiny12

    permanent or contract?

    thanks for the response contract meaning position is less than a year no obligations to complete the contract.
  11. Destiny12

    ok, am I boring?

    hello all, after a long day all I want to do is relax and read my book followed by sleeping. On the weekends I have no desire to hang out with anyone nor go anywhere all I want to do is read my favourite magazine or play on the computer and may be watch tv no other interest. My hubby calls me boring almost everyday. Maybe I am boring but I love calm activities my days are pretty long and busy. Any feedback.
  12. Destiny12

    ok which job would you choose?

    hello all, here is my question if you had to choose working in family practice or working for a specialist which would you choose. Also if anyone has experiencing working with a specialist please share. Thanks.
  13. Destiny12

    permanent or contract?

    Hello all, ok here is my question, all opinions welcomed. If you recently started a contract position would you continue job hunting and what if you got a job offer for a permanent position would you accept the new position or stay in the contract position, keep in mind you have been in the constract position a very short time, so giving 2wks notice would be super awkward. thanks
  14. Destiny12

    Yes, Virginia, There IS A Second Chance

    Hello, I have been following your story from the very beginning. I am so happy for you. Your story is the happy ending I am looking for. I wish you all the very best may you always be happy. Things are always get better. Just a little advise if I may, it's advise I plan to take " when things get tough and you feel like you want to quit, remember how hard you worked to get here, and celebrate your accomplishment". Thanks for sharing, it has been inspirational.
  15. Destiny12

    Finally happy!

    I am so happy for you. Sometimes we have to try different things before we find what we love. Take care, and all the best.
  16. Destiny12

    Finally Interviews!!!!

    I wish you all the best. Remain positive, it's difficult to be out of work in this economy. I really hope you find something that you enjoy. Keep us posted.

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