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  1. I applied in 09' by May 15th and got accepted as an alternate, so I reapplied last year and had my app in ON Sept. 1... hoping mine would be one of the first they saw :) I retook BIO 142 and got a B (got a C last time), and my GPA is higher. I am just curious when they mail the letters out. Do I have to wait until July like I did when I applied in May??? And we know how they are slow as it is when it comes to mailing out the letters. I have tried to call them but never get a live person and they do not answer my e-mails, so I am going crazy!!!! Can anyone please shed some light on this for me? Thanks so much! Also I was wondering what types of grades some of those who were accepted got in A&P, and what the average GPA was.... I am freaking out wondering if I am going to get in. I have 10 points out of the 9 minimum, A in Bio 141, B in Bio 142 (after I retook it) and I have an overall GPA of around 3.2 Thanks so much for any feedback!!!!
  2. ngillilan1

    Tidewater community college

    Ok, so I called the nursing dept today and was told that the letters won't be mailed out until the middle of Feb 2010... My question is how long after getting your acceptance letter does one actually start in the program? I know that the program is done in 4 sessions (Cohorts)... For example, If I get an acceptance letter in Feb 2010 will I be starting in 1 year, 2 years, 3 months, 6 months??? Just curious :)
  3. ngillilan1

    TCC Nursing Program and Working...??

    i just posted a question about this too! i am not too sure myself! it is really frustrating to me! aren't community colleges supposed to aim at being convenient for those who work full time schedules, and can't afford to go to traditional 4 year universities? it is also annoying to how the portsmouth campus is the least busy campus, however that is where they decided to designate all of the nursing courses???? i live at the beach, so how in the heck am i not only supposed to work, but afford the gas to go to portsmouth every day and wait in traffic because i have to go through that ridiculous tunnel!!! ok, i vented and now i am done, lol. sorry i couldn't be of more assistance, but i share the same frustrations as you and i guarantee that we are not alone
  4. ngillilan1

    TCC Nursing Program

    Hi! I applied by the May 15th deadline and didn't not get accepted but was considered an alternate. It really sucked because I got an A's and B's in all my courses but a C in Bio 142. I reapplied on September 1st, and hopefully I was one of the first one's they looked at! As for the 9 points, you have to have them. Period. They look at english and you have to have 2 out of the 3 Bio classes complete (Bio 141, 142, and 150). So if you got a B in Eng, a B in BIO 142 and a C in Eng that is 3+3+2=8... so getting an A in Micro would honestly be the best thing that you could do! When you put your packet together, you want to have EVERYTHING together. All of you highschool transcripts and past college transcripts. You have to mail your college and highschool transcripts to the Portsmouth Campus of Records, and your APPLICATION AND HIGH SCHOOL AND COLLEGE TRANSCRIPTS to the address on the nursing application. Also, you must make your campus of record the Portmouth Campus, and you can do that, if it is not already, by going to any campus and filling out a form. I hope I have answered your questions. By the way, did you apply yet? And if so good luck to you!
  5. ngillilan1

    Anyone in the TCC nursing program?

    I applied last year in the middle of April, probably behind 100 applicants. I wan't not accepted but I was selected as alternate #30, which, lets face it, wasn't going to happen for me this year! It is because my gpa was low due to some bad stuff that happened to me in that last semester, and I got a C in BIO 142, but I did get an A in BIO 141. I reapplied and submitted my application in ON Sept. 1st. Hopefully I was one of the first they looked at. I am retaking Bio 142, and I know that they go off of how many times you have taken the course... but I hope that I get in! I am curious to know of people's GPA's so I can see if I have a chance!!! The other thing is that, why do they only have their classes in Portsmouth? I live in Va Beach, and it is really frustrating to know that not only will I not be able to have a job... because they are so understanding when they made their courses day time only, but they also made it to where more than half of their students will have to drive in rush hour traffic over bridges and through tunnels. Is this a normal frustration for anyone in the program? Are classes REALLY typically Mon-Fri 8am-5pm? Is it impossible to hold a job... I really don't want to work at night, and I would prefer to have some sort of a day job, but I just wanting to know hopefully from someone who is going through it now. Thanks in advance! BTW: I am talking about tidewater community college
  6. I got chosen as an alternate at Tidewater Community College and I feel like total poop! I have been crying for a couple of days now. BUt the way I look at is at least we didn't get flat out rejected. We must have met all of the requirments for the program, but there were probably a few students who had better grades or something. I just wonder if because we were chosen as alternates if we will be first choice when they put together a new class.... I am not sure, but I hope so :wink2:
  7. After waiting months for my letter, I had to call and get the answer over the phone that I am an alternate.I know that it means if someone drops out that alternates fill their spots, but what is the chance of someone dropping out of the nursing program?????? I guess that because I am considered an alternate, I must have met all of the requirements, because I didn't get rejected all together.... The next application deadline is Dec. 1st, and I wonder if I will be considered first..... is an alternate another term for wait listed???? I am so sad that I didn't get accepted, and I hope that I don't have to go through all that crap again of getting all of my transcrips since they already have them on file.... can anyone give me some advice?
  8. I called on Friday (July 24th) and the lady who answered the phone said that they were in the process of mailing the letters. On Monday I called again and asked if they mailed them on Friday, then I should get it by lets say.... Tuesday.... and she said yes, but they do lie on the phone too, or so I have noticed. I'm a whole 20 minutes away, I would hope the mail wouldn't take more than a day or 2.... but here we are on Tuesday and still no letter. It is really just starting to bother me.
  9. I applied back in April for the May 15th deadline, and I am getting really annoyed because they have not mailed the letters out yet. I call and call and they are not informative at all, and they are RUDE! I called last Friday and she said that all the letters were mailed with the exception of the "alternates", so if they were mailed on Friday, and they are in Portsmouth, I should have gotten my letter on Saturday or Monday, which I did not. I asked if they could tell me if I was an alternate, and they said they could not.... has anyone else gotten their letter? Maybe it is not just me?
  10. ngillilan1

    Tidewater Community College Nursing program... Anyone in it?

    I turned my letter in the middle of April. I am waiting for my letter still. When do the come out anyways????
  11. I hope to start at Tidewater Community College in Virginia soon. I only have Nursing classes to take, so no anatomy or math or english left, just the nursing courses. About 44 credits. But I know that there is often times other fees associated, but I am just not sure how much extra? Does anyone have any clue?
  12. ngillilan1

    Tidewater Community College????

    I have not gotten my letter telling me if I am accepted or denied for entrance into Nursing School. I turned my application in by the May 15th deadline, and they are suppossed to mail the letters out by the end of June, and here it is July 6th and I have not recieved anything yet. I need to know because enrollment starts tomorrow, and if I was not accepted I need to know why, so that I can enroll in the classes that need better grades. It makes me mad because I call them and they are not helpful at all, and this morning I expressed the urgency if needing an answer due to enrollment! And she replied, "We are still working on them".... Before when I call they say that they are mailed out by the end of June, and now they say that they are still working on them... I am going crazy here... I have been working so hard and gone through so much, I just want an answer. Is anyone else going through this? When do you normally get the letters if you turn it in by the May 15th deadline?
  13. I go to Tidewater Community College, and I turned my application in by the May 15 deadline, I truned it in like in April. I didn't do so hot in my A&P 2 class, nor my College Algebra class.. I got c's, but those are the only 2 classes out of my pre-reques that I got C's in. I am in the Math 1 class now, and I know I will get an A, also took CPR with an A. When I applied my GPA was only a 2.8, but it only had to be a 2.4 on a scale of 4.0. I am worried that I won't get accepted, but I would at least like a letter telling me either way. When do they come in? I hear that they go out late June, and we should get them early July but enrollment starts on the 7th of July, and I am worried I won't get it by then. If I do get accepted, what cohort will I be in... Jan, March??? Thanks for all of your help everyone!
  14. I turned mine in by the May 15th deadline, and I have not gotten it yet. They say by the end of the month of June, early July... but I have been working for nearly 2 years getting all of the pre-reques done, and I am ready to start!!! I am sooo nervous!
  15. i go to a community college in virginia beach. i had a really rough time last semester... i took 14 credit hours on top of having a huge amount of personal issues. i got c's in all of my classes, including 2 of the pre-reqs a&p 2, college algebra, and intro into healthcare. in the nursing info packet it states that you must receive a c or higher to even be considered, and i got an a in a&p 1, and in all of my other courses i have a's, with the exception of 2 b's. before last semester my gpa was 3.2, and now it is 2.8!!!! also, in the nursing info packet it states that to be considered the student must have a 2.4 gpa on a 4.0 scale... so it looks like i am ok, plus i have 1 more class that i am taking that is a pre-req that will count towards the gpa. i know that nursing school is highly competitive, but if they will not accept me based on my gpa, then why put in the info packet that a c or higher is needed, or that a gpa of 2.4 is needed? if it is so competitive, why not put that someone must get all a's and have a 3.5 gpa? i am just really confused of what will happen to me, and just really disappointed in myself. i have been working my butt off for 2 years now, and for 1 semester to ruin it all! i should get a letter this june, and i am just so nervous! will the deny me? will they wait list me? will they tell me to take the courses and up my gpa????
  16. I just found out I am pregnant and I am due to start the nursing program in January. Once you start, you have to follow the curriculum strictly. I am worried about this because I work only part time so that I can go to school full time. My boyfriend doesn't even know yet... I don't think that I could go through with an abortion, but how am I going to finish school? It is not like we have a semester off or anything, so what if I go into labor in the middle of a semester and fail a class and get kicked out? I will be devestated! I am so confused, scared, and honsetly sick!