Anyone waiting for an acceptance letter from Tidewater Community College?

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I submitted my application early April and I am about to have a heart attack waiting for it. How long does it take to hear something back? They are so rude when you call in there too, and I have sent e-mails and get a one word response so it seems useless. I am just worried because I seen that you have to take that Math 1 class, so I am taking it this Summer, in Portsmouth, UUUUGGG!!!! It is such a long drive from the oceanfront!!!! I hate the fact that they don't have nursing classes at the main campus, it is sort of bogus, but you do what you gotta do I guess!!! I also seen that I have to take CPR, so I am taking it this summer. I hope it is not a problem that I haven't taken these classes yet, and I already turned in my app. One of the "nice" ladies on the phone told me as long as I am registered by summer semester, than I am accepted on a preliminary basis... if I pass with a satisfactory grade. I am just sooooo nervous:bugeyes:!!! I keep checking my mail everyday, I feel like I'm going crazy!!!!

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Ah, been there, done that :) The letters usually don't go out until June, so be patient. And yeah, I've never had a lot of luck calling them...if you really need to talk to them, send them an e-mail.

They will also be moving to the new Portsmouth campus--it's a lot closer to the rest of HR--in 2010.

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