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Tidewater Community College application question....


I applied in 09' by May 15th and got accepted as an alternate, so I reapplied last year and had my app in ON Sept. 1... hoping mine would be one of the first they saw :) I retook BIO 142 and got a B (got a C last time), and my GPA is higher. I am just curious when they mail the letters out. Do I have to wait until July like I did when I applied in May??? And we know how they are slow as it is when it comes to mailing out the letters. I have tried to call them but never get a live person and they do not answer my e-mails, so I am going crazy!!!! Can anyone please shed some light on this for me? Thanks so much!

Also I was wondering what types of grades some of those who were accepted got in A&P, and what the average GPA was.... I am freaking out wondering if I am going to get in. I have 10 points out of the 9 minimum, A in Bio 141, B in Bio 142 (after I retook it) and I have an overall GPA of around 3.2 Thanks so much for any feedback!!!!

Not from the same community college as you but I had A's in all of my prereqs except one C in Eng 101 (lack of giving a crap at the time, as I like to say) a B in my humanities (a music class) and maybe one other B in a computer class or something. My GPA when I applied was 3.6 or 3.7 (not spectacular but much above the minimum required). I also had an ACT score of 31 which I'm sure I have to thank for me being in my first semester right now.

Our school seems to be short staffed and doesn't accept very many students each semester so it's somewhat competitive.

You'll be fine! Hope you hear back soon!

I just finished the nursing program at TCC actually. If you do get accepted, I envy you because you get to go to the new campus :p Anyway, I hand-delivered my application to Ms. B herself in Feb 07 and I got a letter sent out in May 07 that I was accepted but I had to take Math 03 I think it is. Basically it's a nursing math class that everyone has to take because nobody passes the nursing math test. Anyway, I did not get all A's in my prereqs. I got a C in Micro, a B in BIO 141, an A in 142, etc. I think my GPA was around 3.5 (if that) when I applied. I wouldn't worry too much because they base their selections on a cumulative points system and not so much your GPA, which 3.2 is not bad anyway. Also, they have been really busy with relocating and all so if I were you I would just go ahead up there to the nursing office and try to speak to someone in person. Just try not to get discouraged and good luck!!!