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  1. ChynaGrove

    help from fans of FRIENDS!

    There was also the one (can't remember what it was called) where Monica and Chandler are trying to conceive but Chandler just quit his job and he doesn't think that now is the right time to be having a baby. When he tells Monica this her response is that there's never going to be a good time to have a baby. Then she starts thinking about all the ways that a baby would change their lives (like "what if the baby gets into the ribbon drawer and messes up all the ribbons? What if there's not even room for a ribbon drawer because the baby's stuff takes up all the space???) so they decide to go try to make a baby right then before they can change their minds. And there's the one where Monica and Chandler are going on their honeymoon and they're at the airport and that other couple is standing in front of them kissing and so into each other that they don't hear the woman calling "Next, next!". Chandler says "Oh, give them a break, they're in love." and Monica's response is "I'm in love too, but in an orderly fashion!" I LOVE THIS SHOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. ChynaGrove

    help from fans of FRIENDS!

    I'm so glad I found this thread. This is the first time I've actually felt useful on this site. And good luck on your paper. If I think of any other good examples I'll get on here and let you know! Good night for now!
  3. ChynaGrove

    Hospital rehab/subacute nurses: What are your ratios?

    I work on a sub-acute care unit as a CNA. It's a 30 bed unit with a nurse to pt ratio of 3:1 to 5:1. We have one charge nurse for all 30 beds. It's a cardiac unit as well so we have a large number of open heart recovery pts with all sorts of drains and hoses sticking out of pretty much everywhere. It's hectic!
  4. ChynaGrove

    help from fans of FRIENDS!

    Ahhh! Another good one! The One with the Secret Closet! Season 8-Episode 14. When he finally gets it open Monica's excuse it that "this is all the stuff that didn't fit into any category" and when Chandler asks if he can store some stuff in there too Monica says no because she's afraid he'll "mess it up" lol. This is reaffirming why I love this show. As if I needed anymore reasons to love it!
  5. ChynaGrove

    another year older.....

    I thought this was going to be a sad post by the title, but congratulations! I don't know you from Adam but I'm glad everything is going so well for you. And double congratulations to your bride-to-be who, I'm sure, feels like a very lucky woman.
  6. ChynaGrove

    help from fans of FRIENDS!

    Yeah! That's the one where Rachel and Phoebe think Chandler is cheating on Monica. Very funny episode!
  7. ChynaGrove

    help from fans of FRIENDS!

    Oooooh! My favorite! I own every season and I've seen every episode about a million times. A few that I can think of are "TOW the Stain" "The One Where Everyone Finds Out" and I can't remember what this one is called but it's the one where everyone is making New Year's Resolutions (Phoebe's is to fly a jet, Chandler's is to not make fun of his friends, Joey's is to learn to play the guitar, Ross's is to do something new everyday, Rachel's is to gossip less). Monica's initially was to be less obsessed with being neat and tidy but after Rachel crushed some cereal on the floor she changed it to recording more of their lives by taking more pictures and then as she exits the room she turns to Chandler and says, in a very whiny tone of voice, "Chaaaandleeeeeer!" to indicate that he needed to clean the mess up ASAP! I'm sure I'll think of some more later. Hope that helped. Good luck and kudos on the coolest topic for a paper that I've EVER heard! :):):):redpinkhe:redpinkhe:):):)
  8. I live about two blocks away from work. I can get from my house not only to the hospital but clocked in on my unit in less than fifteen minutes.
  9. ChynaGrove

    Where can I go for CNA classes in NNJ

    I don't know about anything specific to your state and/or region but if there is a community college near you I would make that your first call. If not then get online and find numbers for anyone/anyplace/anything that may be able to help you find a course and call, call, call!!! That's all I ever do is call and ask questions until I'm blue in the face, lol. As far as length and cost of classes, at my comm. college the class was about 3 months long and cost (without financial assistance) about $600. I'd suggest applying for financial aid if you can!
  10. ChynaGrove

    This is why I love my job

    That is a super awesome thing you did. That's the definition of going above and beyond. That family will never in a million years forget you, you made their wishes a reality and helped to really seal the deal on their special day. Way to go!!!
  11. Oh, I'm for sure going to be super careful. I may discuss vague aspects of my job not directly related to my patients at times but that's as far as it will go. I'm also not going to bad mouth any of my classmates or my instructors (though I have no reason to do so, everyone has been so wonderful so far!) My main plan is to just share different things about the program, my experiences, how the first test went, skills testing, study habits, and anything else I'm asked to talk about (within reason, of course). I'm really excited about this though so I'm glad I'm seeing a little bit of interest because there would be no point in continuing to do this if no one is going to benefit from it!!
  12. ChynaGrove

    Tidewater Community College application question....

    Not from the same community college as you but I had A's in all of my prereqs except one C in Eng 101 (lack of giving a crap at the time, as I like to say) a B in my humanities (a music class) and maybe one other B in a computer class or something. My GPA when I applied was 3.6 or 3.7 (not spectacular but much above the minimum required). I also had an ACT score of 31 which I'm sure I have to thank for me being in my first semester right now. Our school seems to be short staffed and doesn't accept very many students each semester so it's somewhat competitive. You'll be fine! Hope you hear back soon!
  13. You've absolutely got to have SOME prereqs for any program I've ever heard of. The majority of them are worked in with your nursing classes (but I would not recommend going this route) but I've never heard of a program that would accept you without you having completed the required level of math, an english course, and a general psychology course. Good luck!!!
  14. ChynaGrove

    Please share your experience - Clinicals for CNA

    Lots of peri-care and bed baths in the facility we used. Transferring from bed to chair, ambulating, and we also practiced nail and denture/oral care on anyone we could who would let us.