Anyone an "alternate" at Tidewater Community College? What exactly is an alternate?

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After waiting months for my letter, I had to call and get the answer over the phone that I am an alternate.I know that it means if someone drops out that alternates fill their spots, but what is the chance of someone dropping out of the nursing program?????? I guess that because I am considered an alternate, I must have met all of the requirements, because I didn't get rejected all together.... The next application deadline is Dec. 1st, and I wonder if I will be considered first..... is an alternate another term for wait listed???? I am so sad that I didn't get accepted, and I hope that I don't have to go through all that crap again of getting all of my transcrips since they already have them on file.... can anyone give me some advice?


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I was an alternate, and I wound up being accepted the first semester I applied. A lot of people will apply to and be accepted to several nursing programs, and they'll accept their first choice and decline the other acceptances..opening spaces for alternates

At my school, alternates were not waitlisted..they don't keep a wait list. If you're not accepted for the semester you applied, you have to re-apply the next semester and hope your application stands out more. Of course, that's just my school, yours could be different.

Best of luck, I hope you get in! :redbeathe


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I recently went to one of the "open houses" at TCC and the woman speaking talked about this situation. She said they send out letters of acceptance with requirements. Some of the people that receive the letter either decide not to start the program or cannot because they don't met the "requirements". Someone asked if that happens each time and she said yes they always have some that don't go in to the program so they take from the alternate list.

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