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RNMeg specializes in NeuroICU/SICU/MICU.

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  1. RNMeg

    Is your workplace haunted?

    We had a crazy occurrence in my ICU. We have windows between our patient rooms so that, if we are in patient #1's room, we can see the patient and monitor in room #2. All nurses are familiar, I assume, with the practice of opening a window after someone passes so their spirit can escape the room? And sometimes we open them early to "encourage" patients whose bodies are done but their spirits hold on? Well, we had one such patient.. but we neglected to open his window. He passed late one night, and at the moment of his passing, the glass between his room and the next shattered. We never forget to open windows anymore.
  2. RNMeg

    Jobs with contracts

    I am currently in year 2 of a 4-year contract with my employer. They paid for my BSN in full, and if I should leave before my contract is up, I just have to repay a prorated balance. Otherwise, I am treated exactly as any other employee. I was given my choice of department to work in and I was permitted to change jobs within the facility (I start my new position in ICU next week!). This was a good career decision for me, but only because I was agreeable to the terms of the contract. I would recommend going in with open eyes :)
  3. RNMeg

    DNR- Do Not Treat?

    I was in a similar situation. The patient had a No Code order, but was clearly septic (tachy, hypotensive, diaphoretic, source of infection, lactic and white count through the roof, etc). She was declining steadily on my shift, and I was torn. Do I call the doctor and initiate severe sepsis protocol (which would likely end with her intubated), or do I allow her to continue declining? I went with my gut, called the doctor, got some orders that would stave off some of the worse symptoms without doing SSP, and as I hung up with the doctor she died. I was glad I at least called and got orders, even though in the end it was futile. That was an awkward call to the doc 10 minutes later, though.
  4. RNMeg

    My TCU CPR policy

    That policy is scary, and frankly, the nursing home is opening themselves up to a lot of liability if a full code patient arrests and compressions/intubation/code drugs are not initiated per their wishes. As another poster asked, are family members and patients made aware of this policy? The policy basically says that all patients admitted, regardless of their wishes, become DNRs upon admission. I have not heard of any healthcare facility having a policy like this and can't fathom the facility's reason for having that policy. You seem to think it's a money issue, but it seems to me they would make more money from living, resuscitated patients than from dead ones.
  5. RNMeg

    What has been your worst nightmare about work?

    I had an awful dream the night before my first shift on my own. I dreamt that my assignment consisted of 10 dogs..and a baby. It was nuts. I spent the whole night trying to figure out how to pass meds for all those dogs, and how to keep them in their beds. Also, I take care of adults..babies scare me
  6. On my unit, the CNLs basically equate to charge nurses. They occasionally take patients and work the floor, but they usually work in a charge nurse role. They're not really paper-pushers, though..they do rounds, start IVs, handle staffing, coordinate admissions and discharges (bed control), act as clinical support for those of us doing direct care, that sort of thing.
  7. RNMeg

    Things you'd never have done before...

    I never used to get massages. Now that I'm working 3-4 12's in a row, it's almost a weekly requirement. I go to the kiosk in the mall, where they do a 20-minute massage for $20..it erases all that back strain from being on my feet, boosting patients, and leaning/reaching around telemetry equipment
  8. As a student, I wish I had paid more attention to the unit routines. I think I would have been more confident if I knew what I was supposed to be doing at any given time. Also, I was kind of scared of "difficult" patients as a student (vents, especially). I wish I could tell myself to get over it, because it's not that big of a deal for me now.
  9. RNMeg

    wearing makeup to work?

    I wear makeup to work, but never a lot. I'll use concealer for dark circles under my eyes if I didn't get much sleep, but most of the time I just wear eyeliner, mascara, and neutral eyeshadow. I've always hated lipstick/lipgloss and blush (my cheeks are naturally rosy). I feel it gives me some polish and a boost of confidence, and I think my confidence translates to my patients as competence and professionalism. For those who can feel confident without makeup, I'm jealous!
  10. RNMeg

    Merry Christmas to the nurses who will be working today

    Merry Christmas, all! I screwed up my holiday schedule, thinking I was scheduled for tonight when I was actually scheduled for Christmas Eve. I had been celebrating with my family (and had a couple glasses of *wine) when I got that dreaded 19:15 phone call asking where I was. I've felt sick all weekend about missing that shift Can't believe how dumb I was. Next year, I'm volunteering for all the holidays.
  11. I was lucky enough to have signed a contract with a local hospital to have my tuition paid during school. They hired everyone they sponsored for a BSN as far as I know, I suppose in order to get a return on their $17k investment. They also required an interview, which apparently never happened before this year. I interviewed well, and was hired into my first choice (ICU stepdown/tele).
  12. RNMeg

    Air in the line!!! What am I doing wrong?

    I've seen certain IV medications spontaneously develop bubbles, especially amiodarone. It gets "foamy" where the pump is pushing the med through the line, and when enough "foam" builds up it senses a bubble. There doesn't seem to be any way to avoid it, you just flick the tubing where the foam has built up to dissipate it.
  13. RNMeg


    My mom was in the hospital after a total thyroidectomy, and she wound up staying in the hospital 3 days due to a massive migraine from the morphine because she's really opiate naive. I got a huge lump in my throat, couldn't talk, almost cried when I saw her in the hospital bed. It's so different when it's family.
  14. RNMeg

    need encouragement

    I'm no expert on visas, but that sounds kind of illegal to me. If you choose to take the job (I wouldn't) talk to an immigration or labor attorney about the employment contract first.
  15. RNMeg

    Good, cheap nursing shoes

    My school specified white leather, non-clog type shoes. Your school may be different, so check your dress code. I used Zappos.com for buying shoes, they have a huge selection, cheap next day shipping, and their customer service is unmatched.
  16. RNMeg

    Did anyone else have a good night?

    What a bummer, you can't transfer before your contract is up? I have a 4 year contract, but I can transfer in-house after a year if I choose (I could transfer before that, even, if there were some major reason to, but they discourage it). Anyway, I'm glad to hear you enjoyed your time on the cardiac unit! I love caring for cardiac patients, and I also have noticed that cardiac nurses tend to be really friendly and helpful :heartbeat. Good luck, you've got just a couple of months to go until you can transfer (in the meantime, float as often as you can! )