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RNMeg specializes in NeuroICU/SICU/MICU.

NAU graduate

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  1. sedation and anesthetics

    At my facility we cannot push propofol under any circumstances - a nurse actually recently got fired for doing it. We can push anything else under the sun, though, it seems like - etomidate, fentanyl, versed, paralytics. I've not seen ketamine used m...
  2. ICU pay differential?

    I'm surprised to read all these responses saying critical care nurses are not compensated extra where they work. Many specialty areas in my hospital are starting to get a $2-3/hour differential, including ED/OR/PACU/critical care. We do have a HUGE p...
  3. Fundamentals of Critical Care Support by SCCM

    I took the FCCS course after working in my combined NeuroICU/MICU/SICU for a little over 2 years. I felt it was valuable, especially as a new-ish ICU nurse, but I don't have any certifications or other courses I've taken that covered the same materia...
  4. Is your workplace haunted?

    We had a crazy occurrence in my ICU. We have windows between our patient rooms so that, if we are in patient #1's room, we can see the patient and monitor in room #2. All nurses are familiar, I assume, with the practice of opening a window after some...
  5. Jobs with contracts

    I am currently in year 2 of a 4-year contract with my employer. They paid for my BSN in full, and if I should leave before my contract is up, I just have to repay a prorated balance. Otherwise, I am treated exactly as any other employee. I was given ...
  6. My first code-feedback appreciated!

    It sounds to me like you did everything you were supposed to do. PCTs as "runners" during codes are the best, because you know where everything is on the unit and can get it quickly because, as you said, every second counts. Most codes are chaos at ...
  7. DNR- Do Not Treat?

    I was in a similar situation. The patient had a No Code order, but was clearly septic (tachy, hypotensive, diaphoretic, source of infection, lactic and white count through the roof, etc). She was declining steadily on my shift, and I was torn. Do ...
  8. My TCU CPR policy

    That policy is scary, and frankly, the nursing home is opening themselves up to a lot of liability if a full code patient arrests and compressions/intubation/code drugs are not initiated per their wishes. As another poster asked, are family members ...
  9. What motivates you to go to work every day?

    I work, in general, to pay my bills. On a day-to-day basis, though, what motivates me to get out of bed and go to work is a desire to not leave my coworkers working short (or in a bind to find a replacement charge nurse, because there aren't many of...
  10. What has been your worst nightmare about work?

    I had an awful dream the night before my first shift on my own. I dreamt that my assignment consisted of 10 dogs..and a baby. It was nuts. I spent the whole night trying to figure out how to pass meds for all those dogs, and how to keep them in the...
  11. What are your favorite types of patients??

    My very favorite..insulin drips for DKA. Checking blood sugar every hour on the hour makes the night go by so fast! Plus they're usually younger and walky-talky, which is getting kind of rare on my unit
  12. Do you ask questions in the middle of shift report?

    Yes, especially if I'm getting report from a nurse who tends to give..anecdotal report ("He's just the nicest guy, can't say he's not, his wife was in earlier and they told me all about their grandkids and she gave me this recipe for blueberry cobble...
  13. vomiting, yuck

    Bloody teeth gets me. On film or in person. I could have never, ever been a dental hygeinist.
  14. My final project as a senior nursing student didn't go very well. It was a public health class, and we were a group of 10 with massive senioritis..we just wanted to graduate already. We turned in a project that, frankly, we were not proud of, but w...
  15. Old dog wants to learn new trick :D

    Some people may also be referring to tuition reimbursement/payment contracts. I have one with my hospital. They paid for my BSN, and I have to work for them for at least 4 years. If I break the contract, I have to pay back the balance.