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  1. student8520

    A&P I this fall at Essex!

    I am taking A&P I this fall at Essex. To be honest, I am scared to death! ha Any advice of what I can/should do to prepare myself prior to class?? If anyone has any books, websites, study techniques..anything that they found to be helpful and would recommend I would greatly appreciate it. I hate how all of the online classes list the instructor "TBA". I would love to check them out at ratemyprofessor.com "Prior" to registering with them but can't, ugh. Any ways around this??? Also anyone else taking AP I (evening) in the fall at Essex?? Thanks!
  2. student8520

    When should I apply??

    Hello, I am a f/t employee in my 2nd semester back in school hoping to work towards a nursing degree. I am attending a CC and am working on my gen-eds and nursing pre-reqs. This semester I will be taking soc 101, and psych 103. After that i will need my math and all the sciences. My question is when should I begin applying for nursing programs? I know you need to have certain science courses completed prior to begining the programs, along with the appropriate GPA. However I also know that many get rejected the first time or two when applying. I dont want to apply to soon and not have the required classes completed but at the same time do not want have all the requirements completed and time to kill before getting in! So my question is at what point should I begin applying?? Hope this was not to confusing!! Thanks in advance for the advice:)