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A&P I this fall at Essex!

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I am taking A&P I this fall at Essex. To be honest, I am scared to death! ha Any advice of what I can/should do to prepare myself prior to class?? If anyone has any books, websites, study techniques..anything that they found to be helpful and would recommend I would greatly appreciate it.

I hate how all of the online classes list the instructor "TBA". I would love to check them out at ratemyprofessor.com "Prior" to registering with them but can't, ugh. Any ways around this???

Also anyone else taking AP I (evening) in the fall at Essex??


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I'm currently taking A&P I in the Summer semester. I thought for sure it would be the death of me but so far it hasn't been that bad, but maybe it's the professor I have. She offers a practice quiz for each chapter that we lecture as well as various quizzes so that gives everyone the chance to review and actually learn the material. I also review my lectures each night as well as the recorded portion from lecture (I highly recommend getting a recorder!). I am constantly on Google looking for study aid websites whether it's just a random website for Anatomy or I come across another school's A&P course website. I haven't really made flash cards as I bought the Netter's Anatomy set which I also highly recommend. Staying organized is also key because you don't want to get lectures mixed up with others. Also, it's best if you either have a cell phone with a camera or take a digital camera to lab with you and take pictures of the models. I was told to do this and then print them out... it works wonders because the same models will be used during lab practicals.

In general: STUDY, STUDY, STUDY! Review your lecture notes and if your professor provides them on PowerPoint, don't just rely on their notes, pay attention to what they emphasize during lecture because chances are it'll show up on an exam.

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