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  1. mashamontago

    body mechanics?

    does anyone know of any good videos or books or websites that will explain and help with body mechanics? thanks!
  2. mashamontago

    pharmacology help?

    does anyone know of any good supplemental nursing books on pharmacology?a book that breaks down the action and shows the effects on the body but is kind of generalized? has photos? it also explains drug interactions? thanks.
  3. hello everyone. i'm an lpn student and i'm having trouble with my neuro sensory unit exams. can anyone recommend any websites or books or just links or tips? that would help a lot. i am also having trouble with fluid and electrolytes. i don't understand how to differentiate uncompensated and compensated when there are lab values concerning oxygen.
  4. mashamontago

    nclex lpn exam cram CD incompatible with windows 7

    hey thanx a lot that helped!
  5. mashamontago

    nclex lpn exam cram CD incompatible with windows 7

    where do i right click?
  6. hello. does anyone know how to make the nclex lpn exam cram cd compatible with windows 7? my computer which runs on windows 7 isn't reading the cd... i think the cd is only compatible with windows xp and below. is there a program that works to convert the cd? thanks.
  7. mashamontago

    how do i study for the nclex-lpn?

    hey what year were the books you studied from? i can only go to the library which has books made in 2005/2006... but thanks for your help anyway.
  8. mashamontago

    how do i study for the nclex-lpn?

    hello everyone. i am kind of worried that my school doesn't prepare us very well for the nclex lpn. i was wondering if anyone had any tips on how to study for the nclex lpn or just nursing school lpn in general? i am not doing very well on my peds exams.. are there any supplemental books that i should use or buy that helped you pass? how did you study for the nclex lpn? how did you study for pharmacology? please help. thanx.
  9. some of my classmates are bullying me. i feel like i am in high school all over again. what should i do? should i report what they have done to my professor? i feel like my professor is really good friends with one of the bullies, so i don't know how that will go and if my professor will do anything to help me. basically they made fun of my age (they made a statement how nurses should be graduating by 20 or 21 in their home country) and i'm 23.. i feel like they hold a resentment because i am not like them and from their country...and then another one of the students made fun of the fact that i have a tendency to go to the bathroom a lot. it usually comes up in topic of discussion when we are in a group setting, but it really doesn't bother me or make me feel embarassed because doesn't everyone need to go to the bathroom? what should i do? should i just blow it off or tell my professor? i really don't see this prson that often. i can try to avoid the main bully the whole year and just try to avoid the other bullies or lay low. i have about five months until i graduate but i really don't want to start anything huge because i just want to graduate and leave. please help? i don't know why they want to start picking fights when we're almost about to graduate. it's kind of annoying.
  10. i need help. i'm trying to study for my final but i can't seem to care. i'm trying small chunks at a time.. but i just feel restless and angry and nothing seems to be getting done. i'm being so lazy. please help. 7 hours passed and i think all i've accomplished is 40 minutes of reading. seriously.
  11. i work doing finances at the school for about 16 hours... while going to lpn school on the weekends. should i do this? what do you guys think?
  12. mashamontago


    what's the best way to review pharmacology? flashcards? draw pictures? what are some of the books that you use?
  13. i don't know how i got here. i went to rn school, and i failed after second sem. i took cna, and i FAILED the boards for the skills portion of cna. i didn't put the patient in correct alignment and turn them correctly for SUPINE. some part of me became negligent and felt the patient was fine to be a few inches misplaced to the right.. why was i so careless? no idea. it's part of who i am. not to be pessimistic or against change, but i have this carefree part of my personality that refuses to change. no matter what i do. i'm tired of failing and feeling miserable. i'm also putting myself through lvn...my mom is going to put down her five thousand dollars for me and take on a loan.. i feel scared. i know i can accomplish lvn, but i can't even accomplish CNA!!!!!!!!! in my head i KNOW i can do this, but reality keeps denying me what i think i can do. i feel that i should just get in there and stop whining. but now i feel rushed and exhausted.. which is part of the reason why i thnk i failed cna because i didn't have much time to prepare the skills... i was takin a/p and pharm preqs OVER again... while i was taking cna. what's wrong with me? what questions should i be asking myself? i'm 21 years old.. turning 22. whole life ahead of me and don't know where i want to go but for now, i'm miserable. help.
  14. my professors won't give me a rec to lvn school because i haven't shown her that i'm capable of these three areas. please help me. i failed out of nursing school for these reasons. now i'm in a cna program and i seem to suck at that too. i did a bed bath which i didn't prepare for and i just did it because i thought, well, i want to get checked off for something. i was tired of just throwing away dirty linen and giving baths and not getting credit. i guess one of my main problems is patience and being proud. if i had stragetized better i would have put that last and did all the baby things like shaving, etc. there's so many little steps that i have to think about but i'm worried i'm failing behind and i'm losing. i also can't give in and let myself be irresponsible, but that's just what i'm doing. please help. "you dont look like you know what you're doing." how many times have i heard that one before? two years have passed. will i ever grasp nursing concept?