how do i study for the nclex-lpn?

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hello everyone. i am kind of worried that my school doesn't prepare us very well for the nclex lpn. i was wondering if anyone had any tips on how to study for the nclex lpn or just nursing school lpn in general? i am not doing very well on my peds exams.. are there any supplemental books that i should use or buy that helped you pass? how did you study for the nclex lpn? how did you study for pharmacology? please help. thanx.

straight A in pediatric,pharmacology available on and others.For board,exam cram,frye's 3000 bullets,lacharity will do.Goodluck!

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The school presents you with the groundwork. You provide yourself with the sweat of your brow that prepares you for the NCLEX. See your nursing advisor at school as well as your peds instructor for direct help with peds.

hey what year were the books you studied from? i can only go to the library which has books made in 2005/2006... but thanks for your help anyway.

I just took my PN boards Thur.. Nothing like I thought is was going to be.I know everyrbodys test is different. I would study pt teaching.. pharm.. Know your diets.. what pt to see first... etc. My test was all over the map asking about every darn thing I learned in nursing school! I used exam cram..saunders..and kaplans which I felt was useless. I wish u the best!!!

I second what shaye said, I had a lot of food sources, infection control, priority very very few meds like 3, a lot of cardio and a hell of a lot SATA! I took my test today and I got the good pop up so if I can do it you can! I hate SATA and I somehow was able to pass this thing. I used saunders book and cd, mostly the cd.

is there any tips on what sort of diet questions or food source question you were asked. Im planning on taking the test at the end of the month and my weakness is diet and food source questions. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you

hey peaceandamor.............did saunders really help. where the questions anything like the nclex?....thanx

Diets I would study, a pt with crohns disease would be? or cyctic fibrosis.. Alot of my friends got pt teaching as well. The questions to me are nothing like any other they REALLY make you critically think about it. Out of my 85 question I think I REALLY knew 6.. Sad I know but ...If I can do it.. You can. I just used rule of elimination on ALOT. I did about 100 questions a day from my saunders disk. Good luck!!!!

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