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  1. LPN2BE101

    Hurst or Saunders Review Book?

    i justtook the nclex... first i think hurst is a waste of money . 2nd i used saunders questions an ur right they were kind of really easy. but i used the saunders practice questions and alternate format . i also used exam cram. i think that book real;ly helps u overal.but if u want to take a review class, google READY TO PASS. they are wonderful with there content review. gud luck :)
  2. LPN2BE101

    how long till your name appears on NYBON

    thank you ,.....i passed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. LPN2BE101

    Pearsonvue trick - poll once you receive your results

    just got my results this mourning ..............i passed!!!! the PVT really works!!!!!!!!!!!!!! congrats to u all
  4. LPN2BE101

    There is no possible way to study for the NCLEX-PN

    i probably tried the PTV over 300 times. just paid for my quick results and i passed!!!!!
  5. hey guys..... jus took my nclex yesterday mourning and im going crazy over here. but i got the good pop up:yeah: thanx God. so that decreased my anxiety level by 6% lol..... now the waiting .....how long does NYBON take before they actually post your name up. thanx and congrats to everyone else that passed
  6. LPN2BE101

    Took nclex-rn yesterday losing my mind waiting for results!!!!

    congrats... i took mines yersterday an im going crazy myslef... but i got the good pop up..still didnt see my name on the BON of NY. what state are you in
  7. LPN2BE101

    Pearson Vue Trick Works!!!

    took my exam yesterday... an for sure i new i failed.. but raced home and did the pvt ... and got the good old pop:yeah:... i hope it really works
  8. LPN2BE101

    Got the Good pop up!!!- after 3rd try!! Don't give up!!!

    congrats :yeah:wow where in the same boat .... i took mines too for the 3rd time yesterday an thanx God almighty i got the good pop up.... i couldnt believe so i tried it like 50x....... how did u feel the test was? did u get alot of SATA because i did and my anxiety level rose to the max ....... ..... i probably had about 15 ...... i just couldnt believe it and alot of infection contrl and priority, it was just too much.. now it is time to went the long dreadful 36 hrs for the quick results. anyways gud luck
  9. LPN2BE101

    There is no possible way to study for the NCLEX-PN

    @ bree..... gud luck. im in ny too and i took my nclex yesterday mourning. i was more nervous than you can ever imagine. when i stopped at 85 i new i failed .....had over 15 SATA infection control and alot of priority. did the pvt about 50x !!!!!!! lol..... im soo paranoid. and got the good pop up. just waiting to get the official results. thanx God ny part takes in quick results. but one thing i do want to tell you is that thru Christ, all things can be done and anything is possible. God is good gurl..... gud luck and let us know how it went
  10. LPN2BE101

    Took the NCLEX-PN yesterday...It was awful!!

    u think exam cram is really worth it?
  11. LPN2BE101

    Took the NCLEX-PN yesterday...It was awful!!

    lol.... what books did you study from
  12. LPN2BE101

    Nclex-pn in cali

    congrats.... what material did you use to study?
  13. LPN2BE101

    Took the NCLEX-PN yesterday...It was awful!!

    what books are highly recommeneded.....hows exam cram?
  14. LPN2BE101

    Took the NCLEX-PN yesterday...It was awful!!

    gud luck....what material did you use to study..thanx