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  1. My A&P I class doesn't combine the lab. The lab is a different class. I'm taking A&P I on-line over 6 weeks (I take the lab in the classroom). My first test was last week. It covered 4 chapters. There were only 18 questions on the test! I missed 4 questions! That's a 79%. The rest of my tests will cover 4 chapters each and will only be 18 questions too! Does anyone else have a class like this where the tests are extreamly short? I hope I'm not setting myself up to fail. It's not that the material is hard, it's just that there's so much to learn to only be given 18 questions! I really don't want a B. I want an A. I don't mind taking the class over again in order to get an A. I don't have a specific program I want to try to get into. Right now I'm trying to narrow it down. For the progams you want to get into or have applied to, how do they view classes that you've retaken? In my case, if I get a B then retake the class and get an A, how would your program see this in their decision making process?
  2. Carmen29

    which is better

    I'm taking A&P right now during the summer. My instructor says that his students get better grades during the summer sessions. He also said he can't figure out why that is.
  3. Carmen29

    Well, I'm a dummy!

    We could but we'd only get 75% of our money back for the cruise and would have to pay insane fees to the airline to rebook with them. The cost to rebook isn't worth it. Oh well! It'll be a nice break before I dive back into school again.
  4. Carmen29

    Well, I'm a dummy!

    My husband and I have been wanting to go on a vacation. We found a cruise that was perfect. I called and booked the cruise and the air plane tickets to get there. Yeah, the cruise is in the middle of September. I didn't even THINK about school. The class I want is on Tue/Thursday. I'd have to miss three classes and a two labs for Chem. I guess I'm not taking any classes this term. Seems like it would be alot of work to make up and chem is NOT my strong point. Oh, well. I thought about it and I'd rather take the vacation than have to take the financial hit of canceling the cruise just to take one class. There's another school I can go to that has 10 week terms and their classes start in October. Lets hope I can get into their chem class.
  5. Carmen29

    What are the wait lists like in VA?

    Williamsburg, Norfolk, Portsmouth, Little Creek...they're all options.
  6. My husband is in the Navy and we're thinking about going to Virginia for our next duty station. Right now we're in Hawaii which has no LPN programs, 1 ADN program and 2 BSN programs. You can only imagine how excited I am to know that VA has so many more nursing programs! My question is, what are the wait lists like? Will it be years before I get into a program? Are their schools that don't have wait lists? My husband is willing to go anywhere I can get into nursing school. I already have my bachelors in Business Admin, but I'm more than willing to go to any good school that will let me in. I should have all my pre-reqs done in March 09. Can anyone give me some ideas about wait times? Thanks!
  7. Carmen29

    Bad A & P teacher! Help!

    I had my first A & P lab on Saturday. One thing that really made me mad is that our lab starts at 12:30. I got there at 12:25. I was told that since people were already there, she went ahead and explained everything to the class. I don't understand! Why not wait untill CLASS STARTS? I was on time! She told me what to do but I still am lost! For instance we're supposed to learn these models. The models have numbers written on them and correspond to numbered body parts in our lab manuals. We're to take digital pictures of the models and use our lab manuals to memorize the parts. However, the body parts she assigned and the page numbers she said the body parts would be on do not correspond. I asked for clarification and she was pretty busy reading her newspaper during lab time and gave me a vauge answer. I just sat down to try and study and I'm at a loss. Everything is so wishy washy and vauge and when I try to get better answers from her she act as if I'm wasting her time and she has other things better to do! I feel like just a number but there are on 25 students in the class. I don't know what to do. I'm really annoyed with her. I'm thinking of dropping the class and trying to take it next time with another professor. I don't find the material hard at all. I find her teaching style will make it hard for me to understand what is expected.
  8. Carmen29

    Are labs required for your pre-reqs??

    I think I've figured it out. At the school I'm at, the lab and the lecture are two different classes. The lecture is 3 credit, the lab is 1 credit. You have ot register for two different classes. At other schools I think the lecture and lab are labled as one class worth 4 credits. I just had to dig deeper into different college catalogs to figure that out.
  9. I've been looking at a lot of the pre-reqs for different nursing programs. Some specifically list that a class must have a lab. Other programs don't list the lab section of the class. If you're following pre-reqs (A&P, Chem, Micro) for a specific program, do you have to have the lab part of the class?
  10. Carmen29

    Need advice about A&P class!

    I have a bachelor's degree in business. I'm starting to take my pre-reqs to try and get into some type of nursing or rad tech program. I signed up for an Anatomy and Physiology class. Class start April 7th. Class is on Monday night and all day on Saturday for labs. I just found out I need surgery and that will be on April 17th (a Thursday). There's no way I'm going to be able to go the lab two days after my surgery. I could miss the lab (I don't plan on missing anymore than one lab) or just attend half the lab. For those who have taken A&P do you think you could have missed one lab and still have done well in the class?? According to the syllabus from last semester the lab that I'll be missing is a free study. There's no dissection. I'm taking 10 days off of work. I really don't know if I'll even be 100 percent in order to do well in the class. I could put the class off till next term. However, I already got the book off line and can't return it (only $80). I don't know what to do. Part of me wants to get going with my pre-reqs. The other part of me knows I need time to heal. Opinions? Comments? Suggestions??