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  1. I have been a Nurse since Feb 2020, yesterday we had a patient in the Retirement home he had a puncture wound from getting blood drawn, and I documented it and took a picture. But management emailed me saying I have to complete a full Risk assessment on that person. Now they said it to me nicely but I was like oh man this is my first time I was ever told by someone to do something or something that I missed but I am sure it happens to everyone. All I gotta do they said is to go back and change the date to when it was discovered and document on it. Other Nurses say its not a big deal and it will not get you fired but some say its serious documentation. I had one friend his patient in his retirement home came back from the Hospital and he only assessed his vitals but did not check for ulcers or skin tears, and the next day the morning nurse told him that she started the assessments and he just needs to finish it up.
  2. I live in Ontario Canada and we have already slowly started to open things up. Mostly essential stores or curbside pick up. It's a long weekend for us and everyone is planning to go to their cottage while our Medical officer is not encouraging them to go. I work in a Community Hospital we are still on outbreak with Covid. While my heart goes out to those that are sick and those who are in financial trouble, why go out and risk their lives and others? One guy was telling me that they should open up everything, SPorts, Movies, Malls etc.. I told him he can catch the virus and get sick. He says he won't get sick, but I am like you have no control of that. Also since NURSES and other healthcare workers work with Covid patients everyday, wouldn't it be reckless and Cavalier if people just went out and about like a regular day and then caught the virus then went to our Hospitals to get treated? I mean we are there to help no matter what, but they have no right to be reckless or infect us with the virus. I have a family to go home too.
  3. Thanks. The answer I was looking for!!
  4. I work at a Community Hospital, and specifically in my Unit we have 23 cases. I am just worried now that everyone will be careful what they touch or who they talk too, that if I try to talk to a girl and we get into a conversation and find out about our careers they may not like me. I am 22, and my sister is trying to set me up with her friend who is a Lawyer. She is working from home, but I am afraid that if she finds out that I am a Nurse and asks what I do she will not like me. Like if I tell her, "Yeah I work with infectious disease patients on a day to day basis" she might grossed out or any girl for that matter, and might just want to avoid me cause of that. I am really worried about that I may never find someone all because I deal with sick people everyday. Like if it was another Nurse its fine, but she is a Lawyer I would not expect her to understand.
  5. I was actually arguing on Skype with a few family members about this they are Lawyers, Engineers, and Accountants. First they thanked me for my service but then they were like they should have a dedicated week for Accountants, and Lawyers. I think through this pandemic they are getting jealous because healthcare workers are getting so much attention. I am not eager for the attention, in fact as a new Nurse, I just want to learn and get better everyday.
  6. You are right! I think maybe I should mind my own business and all. But it does bother me. I have been a Nurse for almost a year but been in school with it since 2016, so that's 4 years of Nursing, and while it may seem little to them, being a Nurse and helping others has been my life's work, so that's probably why it bothers me. I hold the name "Registered Nurse" and everything inexorably tide to it very seriously.
  7. By the way Happy Nurses week!. So basically I am a Nurse at my community Hospital and we have cases we used to be on outbreak but now its under control and stuff. Patients, random people I meet at the grocery store they complain to me as they don't have jobs anymore telling me I am "lucky" to have a job. But how is it my fault that I am not unemployed? This one lady at Wal-Mart was like "my day care is closed due to Covid 19 but the Government is giving Hospitals money but not my daycare". Then I met a mutual friend who is a janitor at a mall saying that he is unemployed and struggling to pay bills but healthcare workers are lucky to pay their bills. Then its like essential employees like grocery store workers, meat plants, and gas station workers saying why healthcare workers get pandemic pay and they don't. Always telling us how lucky we are, and I am like I am dealing directly with Covid patients what can I do? I Never asked the Government for more money. I have been living in Canada since I was 4 years old in 2001 I am 22, moved from the Philippines but basically grew up here felt like I was born here, since 2013 I was working and not one day in this country since then have I ever been unemployed or caused a burden on the Government by taking their employment insurance program. So whats with the hate against Nurses/Healthcare workers? Are they just mad that they have no jobs?
  8. my sister is an ER Nurse and they are so busy. She had to breakup with her boyfriend because she is so dedicated to her work which I am happy for her. Basically she works 12 hour shifts but sometimes even more because of less staff. She was barely seeing her boyfriend and he was getting mad and telling her to quit her job. She only got 1 day off in the week and instead of sleeping in she would spend time with him but he wanted more. She told him "I have dedicated my whole life into helping people, while this may seem like a little thing to you, being a Nurse has been my life's work.". He didn't like it and it ended there.
  9. I am 22 and I used to be the infection control Nurse at our Hospital, but now since Covid 19 has engulfed everything, I am put on the front lines. I am just saying that I never had a girlfriend before, and now since the virus is out and about, will it prevent girls from liking me or wanting to be with me? I want to have a partner, but its like they might think I am contagious and I may not ever have a partner cause of it. I remember on the news a girl told her now ex-boyfriend who is a Nurse "stay away from me you sick freak you're going to infect my family". I am just shocked the way these people react.
  10. What I mean is that it is hard where I am to get a job as an RPN in Hospitals or any other facilities. I was told by a friend to apply to all facilities as lets say a Porter or a Housekeeper/Environmental Aid, and then later on if there is a position opening I should be a good candidate since I am already a worker in the workplace and not an external applicant. It is hard, most places are very picky and I am a new Grad. There are job offerings but I don't like those facilities cause there is not much learning to do.
  11. I work at a Nursing Home casually, so maybe 5 times in a month I come in? I'm hearing stories where Full-Time Nurses are like dragged out by the Director of Care or the Pharmacy or Management on why they didn't document this, or they made a mistake on an assessment, and they have never said anything to me when I work or have given me a letter but I am not perfect and for sure deserve some feedback. I could be wrong but is it because the home will probably never really see me? Its probably easier to talk to the Full-Time staff to get things done since they are there almost everyday (every other weekend), than a casual staff who comes in once in a blue moon. Also I'm not expected to do a lot of things like answer phone calls, or sign pharmacy stuff. Usually full time staff do it cause they know more about it.
  12. DribbleKing97

    How to deal with staff who don't like you?

    I am a New Nurse, so I am casual when I pick up shifts at the Retirement Home. So far I feel like I am bullied because the Support workers when they give me advice they have some sort of attitude in their tone. When I start the shift to count the narcotics they all look at me asking questions if I am new (of course I am) then they seem all upset because its going to make their jobs harder helping me out. It's discouraging honestly.
  13. As a new Nurse, its kind of hard cause staff are impatient with you, tolike managers PSW's Physio, etc... supervisors, and even some patients. How to be confident in yourself lets say when you are working on a new floor in the home and patients get angry with you cause you are slow because they are used to their main Nurse but their main Nurse isn't there? How about family members as well of you not knowing anything about the patient?
  14. DribbleKing97

    How to not be discouraged of seeing other Nurses fired/suspended?

    I agree, I think I just need to worry about myself rather than the other Nurse. I always look at the other Nurse and think to myself if I am not doing what they're doing, or if my work seems to easy, I am doing the wrong thing. I've always had an overthinking problem.
  15. I am a new Nurse working in a Nursing home, and its like people who were training me kept telling me don't do this, or you will be fired, and they will tell me stories of Nurses who have done things or have forgotten to do things and have gotten into trouble and seeing that just makes me not want to work. But other Nurses have told me, not to worry about other people or Nurses or what they are doing, but to just worry about yourself. It seemed to me that the Nurses training me were all warning me of what not to do and what to do, it seemed like they were all antagonized by management, and I get that that is the Nursing life, but is there anyway to not let that Psychologically affect me?

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