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    I need some advice!

    I found someone to cover my shift instead!
  2. pumpkinbaby

    I need some advice!

    Im a CNA working at assisted living. However, I hate how much favoritism there is there. The DON daughter works there, and her daughter has her little friends that don’t like me for no reason. Some times the girls don’t give me a shift report. Anyways I couldn’t take it any longer, I hated coming in to work because of how things are so unfair there. Anyways, I put in my two weeks June 9, and the two week later notice I wrote said my last day will be june 19. But I really don’t want to go back there again, I got hired somewhere else now too! I was just wondering if i do a NO CALL NO SHOW can they sue me or hold that against me since the letter i wrote says my last day to work is june 19? or should i call them to tell them i’m not showing up for work?