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  1. I’m a nursing student set to graduate in late March with my ADN. I have a BA in a different field (education). We’re hoping to relocate to the Seattle area but I’ve heard that a BSN is strongly preferred. And I’ve heard they’re desperate for nurses. I am not the type of person to leap into anything blindly. Any information and advice would be appreciated!
  2. mariah25

    Job prospects for ADN

    I'm applying for the ADN program, I plan on doing an RN to BSN program as soon as possible. I can't afford the BSN program due to student loans. I have my BA in Elementary Education. I'm hoping to move to Western Washington, close to Seattle. What are my prospects for employment with an ADN? Will it be helpful being enrolled in an RN to BSN program? Will my previous degree help at all?
  3. I am going for an ADN. I have one more prerequisite. I can't afford the BSN program. I have a BA in education. Will that help when I eventually graduate and job search? How soon can I do a RN to BSN program online, because that's my plan.