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Principal Issues


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I am just wondering how many of you have a building administrator/Principal you can count on to back you up..Mine will stonewall and question everything. He is currently on "probation" due to multiple staff complaints.

Today he told me we don't have to exclude a student who is still non compliant with imms. (Has very few doses..Had appts. to catch up but didn't keep them.) His reply was "If I say she can stay, then she can." Wrong answer! Can't override State Law.

Just tired of everything being harder than it has to be...


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Mine likes me and is awesome, wants me to take a bigger role, but doesn't get the NURSE stuff.

I wish I had a nursing supervisor. If I do leave the schools eventually, this will be one of the reasons.


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That sucks, Snowy. This job is hard enough to do with a supportive administration, let alone one who doesn't support you.

Can you go to the superintendent? (Or whoever is above your principal in your district's hierarchy?)

SnowyJ, RN

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Yes, I did go to my supervisor. Mainly because we are told over and over that we must be compliant, and it's not negotiable. She backs me up but I just wish my Principal was supportive. The last nurse filed a formal complaint against him. He is part of the reason she left.

Just trying not to let it get to me...Thanks for the support.

CalNevaMimi, LPN, LVN

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We have a huge immunization non-compliance problem at this district, mostly due to principals being wishy-washy about excluding kids (ADA, anyone?). The nurses are stepping in to get everything finally straightened out. I once had a principal argue with me about calling 911 for a kid having a seizure that wasn't stopping on its own. He wanted to wait gawd-knows-how-long for the parent to show up with emergency meds. Recently I had an AP "question" me about my decision to call 911 for a student having loss of balance and cardiac issues/irregular low pulse. He was concerned that the parent would be annoyed at having to pick up her son at the hospital. GAW! I'm leaving district nursing in a few days, but will still be working at a school site as a more hands-on nurse. Can't take other people's crazy anymore.


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I back up my principal and he does the same for me. He's fantastic. I've learned to give him a heads-up about any parents that might be coming his way about issues that pop up and after less than 2 years I'm almost reading his mind. He's fairly quiet and so am I so I was really afraid we would have a horrible relationship but it's been great. I know he's slammed with constant troubles and ridiculous stuff so I try to leave him alone unless I have something serious going on. I'm thankful everyday for the support he gives me and it makes me want to work hard to maintain his respect.

I'm not sure I could do the job without his back-up when things get hairy with nutty parents and generally weird situations. At least it's not just a situation with you. His being on probation clearly shows it's his issue. He has a problem with everyone-not just you!

OyWithThePoodles, RN

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This is the first year my school has had a nurse and you can tell. Our principal wants full control over everything, even things she doesn't know about. Having me call home on EVERY scratch, paper-cut, bump, etc. And then she tried to get me to call a mom and make her pick her kid up for repeatedly having nits, though our policy is that the child can stay with nits (NASN actually doesn't even recommend kids with live lice going home but that's not our policy). So I'm lucky to have a nurse manager that will back me up and let her know that I cannot go against policy, if she as the principal wants to call and tell the mom she's going against policy then she can do so, but I will not be made to. And she also let her know that I will not be filling out accident reports/calling parents on EVERY scratch that comes in. Our principal is very intimidating for some reason, I can handle surgeons better than her.


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I'm one of the lucky one also, my principal backs me up when things get crazy with parents. I do the same for him. We all work together to make the call on immu/physicals. Guidance makes the phone calls on exclusion in our building. I had the chance to change schools this fall, closer to home, but decided to stay where I am because of the team in this office area. And the kids, love this bunch of kids!

JenTheSchoolRN, BSN, RN

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I have two principals to work with (one MS; one HS - I manage grades 7-12) and both are wonderful. Very supportive and trust my judgement. One of them told me a couple of week ago: "I'm sorry I never say it, but thank you for always being on top of things. I tell other schools we are lucky to have you." That comment I am holding on to get through those very tough days before Thanksgiving and Christmas breaks...:)

But I do wish my boss was a nurse. My boss is a very lovely person, but not being a medical professional, my boss will never see the picture the same way I do.


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It may be worth your time to contact your state immunization branch and ask for guidance regarding your principal instructing you to NOT enforce state law. If they say he has ultimate executive authority over state law, you're covered...hahahahaha. Otherwise you can request their assistance.

SnowyJ, RN

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Thanks! Stay tuned to see what happens today. (PM K student.)

I'm in the same boat as you - I have issues with my principal trying to tell me when to send kids home. I stand my ground and have a great nurse supervisor who has my back but I definitely wish I had a more supportive staff. I feel your pain!


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What would Nurse Barb do in this situation?

SnowyJ, RN

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Barb G would rule this!!!! I need to make her my spirit animal for real..


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Who is Barb? I don't know this reference.

SnowyJ, RN

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Student had some shots today! Yay! But my Principal is still a turd. :madface:

Three buildings. Three principals. Three personalities. I like them all but they all have different expectations and none of them know a thing about nursing. We do disagree at times but if it isn't a huge deal I go with what they want and more often than not I get my way. Have worked for AWFUL administrators in the past though. Questioning everything I do and giving me no back up. Those were hard years.