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Im starting my pre-req's January 2011 for nursing and I am hearing that Anatomy and Physiology will be the hardest courses?..but the others classes are easy...Is it really that hard?..I believe in "to each's own" Im thinking it was hard for them.What is hard for them maybe easy to others...but Im just really trying to figure out if these two courses are really that intense?

I was very worried about A&P 1&2 before I took them. But after knocking them out over the summer I have to say that CHEM was much harder (and I took Chem over 15 weeks vs 5 weeks per A&P class). Take photos of all the models and make them into power point slides (with 2 slides per picture, the first with blank labels of the things you are required to know and the second having the blanks filled in, it helps so much and if you pass the files on, your mates will love you), as for the p part, buy flash cards at Costco or SAMs club... And most importantly enjoy it, you are learning about your body, and it's pretty freaking cool how it all comes together.

Thanks Student for Life...

I agree. I loved AP and never had a problem with it. My lowest grade on any test or assignment was a 92. The lab is a breeze. It's just bulk memorization. Nothing more.

Put your fears aside, you got this :)

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I would take anatomy first if you can. Anatomy is purely memorization for the most part, very time-consuming but definitely doable. Physiology requires more understanding, but I thought it was by far more interesting than anatomy. It's a lot of work and a lot of study but you can do it!!!! When I took my pre-reqs I took anatomy first and I'm glad I did it that way. When you're taking physiology they start talking about body system and structures and how they work and if you don't have prior knowledge of the human body, you will be lost at first and you may have to work harder to catch up.


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I'm taking A&P 1 right now and I don't find it that difficult. It does help that I have a strong background in bio and chem going into it. I think it's really important to take these classes first.

Even though it's not terribly hard for me, it is time consuming. I have to make sure I go to every class and always stay on top of the work. A&P is not something you want to get behind in! I find it really helpful to read the textbook before class and make notes as I read to make sure I'm really understanding everything. A lot of people say that A&P is just memorization, but I don't agree. The anatomy part is memorization, but physiology is all about understanding.

Go to class, read the textbook and stay on top of your work and you'll be fine :)

I agree with this statement... and for my class anyway.. there hasn't been nearly as much anatomy as there has been physiology. The bulk of anatomy we've done this semester is the different parts of the bones (which I didn't do very well on- I mean, it all looked the same to me-lol) But seriously- understanding the concepts are top priority in this class.

I think AP is hard..but I think it depends on the teacher.

Ours does not give study guides or any help in that way..he expects you to know the chapter top to bottom and you never know what might be on the might have a question that the book covered in less than a paragraph.... Im pulling a low A..and cant wait for it to be over with!!

Other ppl I know have taken it -from a different instructor- and breezed through it...they received study guides and knew exactly what to study for the test.

It does help to have a math class and Chemistry before..which Im glad I did..because my AP had a lot of chem in it.

Our school has a 3 course progression - Anatomy, Physiology, Pathophysiology. I absolutely would take anatomy before physiology if at all possible. You need to know the where and the what before you get to the how and why.

In terms of difficulty, anatomy if predominantly memorization. If you have human cadavers, it can be a bit difficult at first to focus until you get used to the experience. Physiology is much more understanding and not memorization based.

Work hard at both. You will need to know the material for nursing school. They are not just throw away courses. Nursing school will build on what you learn in these classes. There are a lot of classes that are required in nursing programs, but not all are as critical to nursing school as anatomy and physiology.

Ok...well that makes more sense then since some of you put it that way...Anatomy first and Physiology second...I haven't registered for the classes yet,so now I know what to take first out of A & P...THANKS TO ALL OF YOU...

When i took my 1st UG degree - biology - i had comparative anatomy 2nd year and then physio 4th year and they both were really hard for me.

I am not good as a just "memorizing" student and have to make info my own which was very hard in anatomy as it was just muscles or bones or whatever being thrown out at us everyday- no real info about it we were just expected to memorize it.

2 years later when i took physio i had forgotten all of that anatomy (as i had never really made it my own) so i had to re-learn it and learn the physio.

All of that stated - i found nursing A&P 1&2 much easier when compared to my earlier experience and i did well in both this time around. AFYI it was ~9 years since i had finished physio the 1st time so it was not like i really remembered a whole lot!

In nursing pre-reqs the anatomy was taught along with the physio - eg why a specific muscle is designed the way it is - its form REALLY fits its function.

IMHE A&P1 was more straight memorization than physio, and the 2nd part was about the same about of memorization of structures and a lot more physio.

If i am remembering correctly...

A&P1 went from the cells, basic immunology, bones, muscles, the brain and nerves, special senses such as seeing/hearing etc

A&P2 started with the endocrine system, blood/lymph systems and vessels along with finishing off immuno, cardio/pulmonary systems and blood vessels, and then we moved onto systems such as GI and reproduction.

As you can see the topics in 2 were much more physio based just upon the work that they do/how they are set up. most of the physio in 1 was variations on basic synapses while in 2 it was all over the place.

i hope this helps.

I was deathly afraid of this class before I took it, I took it years ago and I failed it. Now I'm 3 weeks till my final with A&P I and pulling an A easily. I could even study harder if I needed to, but balancing family/school sometimes gets hard, so I do my best without killing myself. Not only that, I LOVE the class. Our teacher is great. I think the professor can make or break a class. I'mt aking m same professor for A&P II next semester too! She's great, gives us a detailed outline for each test, my lowest test grade was an 87! I was thrilled! I'm going for a 95% or better on my next test. I can think you WANT this, you can DO it. Good luck to you, you will be fine! Work hard, it pays off!

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