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Im starting my pre-req's January 2011 for nursing and I am hearing that Anatomy and Physiology will be the hardest courses?..but the others classes are easy...Is it really that hard?..I believe in "to each's own" Im thinking it was hard for them.What is hard for them maybe easy to others...but Im just really trying to figure out if these two courses are really that intense?

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yes A&P is very challenging. I wouldnt say that it was harder than algebra or chemistry though! Keep your chin up and work hard. If you want it you will find a way to get there!

I'm in AP1 right now, for me yes, it's intense. Not overly so but still a LOT of work. I know of other students who have taken it & had questions of "where's your clavicle" type study while in my class we've got landmark descriptions of the bone (you'd have to figure out it's describing the clavicle)

It really just depends on the teacher, but it is pretty information dense. Good luck!

Thanks very much for that...

I'm taking A&P 1 right now and I don't find it that difficult. It does help that I have a strong background in bio and chem going into it. I think it's really important to take these classes first.

Even though it's not terribly hard for me, it is time consuming. I have to make sure I go to every class and always stay on top of the work. A&P is not something you want to get behind in! I find it really helpful to read the textbook before class and make notes as I read to make sure I'm really understanding everything. A lot of people say that A&P is just memorization, but I don't agree. The anatomy part is memorization, but physiology is all about understanding.

Go to class, read the textbook and stay on top of your work and you'll be fine :)

Awww thanks Copper...and I was also told not to take both of these classes at the same I am taking physiology first and then I am taking Anatomy in the fall...but thanks again..

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I wound up taking them both this semester so that I would graduate in december with an allied health degree. It has been very challenging. I have a low A in physiology and a mid B in anatomy. I would do it again in a heart beat if need be. I would just realize that I needed a little more study time in anatomy! I am going to try to ace both of my finals and see where I land with the anatomy class!

Good Luck! Just remember to breath and study every day!

Well congrats to you on the A and B...I hope I can get those kind of grades when I start...but I am gonna dedicate myself and put everything to the side so I can focus and study..and most definetly I will be on here to ask for help from you all..

I will be on here to ask for help..LoL

Wait... what? They are not two seperate classes. It's 1 A&P and the lab for A&P right?

Wait... what? They are not two seperate classes. It's 1 A&P and the lab for A&P right?

Depends on the school. Some have A&P 1 and A&P 2. Some combine A&P 1 and 2 and just have one (includes the lab and is typically accelerated to fit all the material into one semester). Some schools have Anatomy separate from Physiology.

To the OP: I didn't find A&P difficult. I took the combined A&P 1 and 2 over the summer, so it was only 7 weeks long. We covered a chapter a day, 4 days a week. It was intense, but not hard material to learn. It's mostly memorization. Definitely attend class daily and learn how to make good flash cards.

Well I live in California and it might be different from where you are...and the college that Im attending does it seperately...they don't teach that class together...I wish they would've...but I have to take them one by one...

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