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  1. IPAD!
  2. Nomijen

    IRSC RN program Fall 2012

    I know IRMC does that. You apply thru STARS. Not sure about the other local hospitals. I have gotten scholarships thru stars, and almost everyone I know in the program has too :) I fill out a million each time...and then you wait forever, but its worth it! There is something else called workforce solution and they give you like 10k (not sure exact amount but it was a lot) to complete the program but you have to qualify, and like me, it sounds like you do not.
  3. Nomijen

    IRSC RN program Fall 2012

    If you can do basic math, which I am going to assume you can since you got in you will be more than fine. Until advanced, there are just 2 *formulas* and by then you will be super comfortable going into critical care drips. I bought the Math for Meds, and manual of IV therapeutics and have never cracked either one open.
  4. Nomijen

    IRSC RN program Fall 2012

    Kinda 2 years. lol I started Jan last year, will finish in Oct if all goes well. We take summer 2 off. I love the test book! Still use it although not as much as at first :) I have to say this one, Advanced, has been my favorite. We did a rotation in the ER, which was the only place I could actually ever see myself being a nurse. That was the icing on the whole semester. I also really liked maternity, but only bc L&D was exciting. Postpartum was blah. Here's a colace, next, here's a colace, next.....lol Ask anything you like :)
  5. Nomijen

    IRSC RN program Fall 2012

    Congrats guys!!! You have quite a ride ahead. I am currently in advanced, with one more class to go! Finally getting somewhere I have to say I have been really impressed with IRSC...instructors are amazing, warm, helpful even the ones you may be warned NOT to take lol I have to agree with the enjoy your summer advice especially if you are high strung, high stress (like me!)
  6. Nomijen

    Your first semester/quarter grades

    An A! I just got my first B ever now in medsurg
  7. May as well try. I find a small group, just me and one other person to be helpful....but more than that I don't learn a thing.
  8. Nomijen

    Pharmacists giving injections!?!

    A monkey could give shots, Nurses are so much more :)
  9. Run, kayak, we frequently visit my parents and friends out of town :)
  10. Nomijen

    CCAC drug test...please help!

    Yes, let me add a good luck!!!! Let us know what happens :)
  11. Nomijen

    Tell Me About Your Study Space.

    I do have a desk area, but it's in the kids playroom, and I hardly ever use it. If I am in there they know to leave me alone bc I mean serious business. My kids even made me a "Mommy is not in session" sign for when I'm in there. But usually I am pretty mobile with my junk...I like to study at Panera, or the library. Otherwise I just throw it all on the couch or bed.
  12. http://www.amazon.com/Test-Taking-Strategies-Beginning-Nursing-Students/dp/1565335147/ref=sr_1_19?ie=UTF8&qid=1308834979&sr=8-19 I highly recommend that book, it's pretty reasonable $15/16 I think...It will teach you to think like a nursing test. They are not like *recall* tests that you may be used to. It is a lot of info they are going to be force feeding you, but its not gonna be vomit it back type tests anymore. I wish I had read the book before starting!
  13. Nomijen

    CCAC drug test...please help!

    This is probably not what you want to hear. We are 0 tolerance with + drug screens...unless there is a CURRENT rx. You can go into the IPN program? I believe they work with students too.... I hope someone has some better news for you.
  14. Nomijen

    Cadavers and Anatomy class

    I wish ours did. We got cats
  15. Yes I am in NS. Have you started yet? I guess for me, I didn't *hate* anything I have done so far. In fact the 2 weeks we spent in the nursing home were my favorite. I do LOVE people, and I have empathy and sympathy as far as the eye can see. Do I want to do some of these things as a career day in and day out? No. But they are not completely intolerable, in fact, I am the annoying Ms. Sunshine of the group and I think everything I am doing, seeing, learning now will make me an awesome, kick ass trauma nurse one day. I want to be the best hiney wiper, brief changer and bed bath giver in the universe. That is how I intend to master everything, paying my dues and learning from the bottom. (no pun intended lol) I love the poster before me who said, keep your mind open. I would add to it, keep your attitude open as well. Cognitive reframing lol...if you need to look at each client, each skill and imagine how it will apply to Peds, then so be it. The amazing nurses who went before us, and designed these programs have added each piece for a reason. Honestly, 2 years is a short short amount of time for the responsibility we are given as RN's. You are literally learning to hold lives in your hands. There is no way around, you must go through. Best of luck to you :)
  16. You're gonna have to suck it up until you get where you are going. Honestly, I don't like kids, or SICK people at all. I always wanted to work with the *hurt*. I think I am gonna have to work in an ER...Trauma....but I know it most likely won't be the first job I get. However, I want it bad enough to hang in there. I think it's great that you know exactly what you want :) That tells me that eventually, sooner or later, you will get there.