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  1. Nurse midwifery program with low GPA?

    This is helpful, thank you! I am specifically looking at the program at East Carolina University in North Carolina, since I live here in NC and it's only a few hours away. I was also considering Frontier, but I heard they are pretty strict on the 3...
  2. Nurse midwifery program with low GPA?

    Hello, Are there any CNM programs I can get into with a 2.98 GPA? If not, would it be best to get my masters in nursing and then get a post-masters certificate in midwifery? I'm about to graduate with my BSN in June and have been a doula and c...
  3. First off, shame on your parents for not being supportive! As a mom what I want most in life to to see my kids happy, I would hope all parents want the same, but I guess not! Sorry, but I'm angry for you! Anyway, tell them you are joining the mili...
  4. When do nursing programs do drug tests?

    First week, most clinical placements require it. I would just be ready to be drug tested any time.
  5. Chamberlain bought out by Adtalem

    Interesting, I just started and my on-line classes are through DeVry, so I wonder if next session will be different.
  6. Chamberlain Charlotte 2018

    Anyone starting next week at the Charlotte campus?
  7. ECPI

    I actually decided to start at Chamberlain and do my BSN, I start next week!
  8. Chamberlain St. Louis Spring 2018

    Awww too bad! Wish you all the best still! :-)
  9. Chamberlain St. Louis Spring 2018

    what campus?? I'm at Charlotte.
  10. Chamberlain St. Louis Spring 2018

    Awesome, exciting isn't it??? I can't believe I got accepted, I'm so excited and shocked!
  11. Chamberlain St. Louis Spring 2018

    Thanks congrats to you too!!! Yes I need to go in next Wed to do finger printing and drug testing and
  12. Chamberlain St. Louis Spring 2018

    I got accepted!!!!!
  13. Chamberlain St. Louis Spring 2018

    I should find out by the end of today if I was accepted. I had a lower GPA of 2.78 and a HESI of 87%.
  14. Charlotte Campus?

    Hello! I've been considering Chamberlain College but avoiding it because of the price. However I have all my pre-reqs done since I was in a program a few years ago, this should cut down on the cost. I was wondering if anyone attends this campus an...
  15. Queens University Summer 2017 Start

    It sounds like maybe nursing wasn't for you, but I know people who GO to Queens and they love I'm not sure how bad it can be if many students I've talked with love it.