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  1. CNM2B201?

    Do you like the uniforms they give you for your school?

    ours are a red wine color top and bottom with school patch, white shoes, white lab coat. you can get a unisex or women's top, bottoms you can get unisex or fitted flare pants. im pretty happy with what my school has picked out...its not sexy but its cute =)
  2. CNM2B201?

    Well, I'm In...Now What Am I Going To Do???

    congrats!! i got my acceptance letter saturday!!! like others have said..take this time to relax..thats what Im going to do!!
  3. CNM2B201?

    ADN Fall 2011 Hopefuls!!!

    I GOT IN! letter came this morning! orientation in august =)
  4. CNM2B201?

    TEAS V Score

    i scored a 79.3 overall, and high 80's in all sections except english where i scored a 66. I really focused on the science part, my test had a lot of chem style questions. I used the study guide and online science websites aimed at kids!!! sounds silly but those sites really help to refresh in a simplistic way.
  5. CNM2B201?

    Ok, what's the real deal with new grads?

    you are very immature though...immature equals NO JOB FOR YOU..which i guess would put you in the moron category ponder this...we dont know you, see you, or hear you..but we all have the same vibe from you just based on your written words...imagine what people think who get the pleasure of your company face to face....,d if you want the responsibility of other people's lives then you need to grow up a bit, you sound like my 15 yr old sister.
  6. CNM2B201?

    nurse scholarship in exchange for set employment

    well I have to get loans do to this anyways..so I guess taking the risk of having to pay them off in the long run isnt that big of deal. I looked online and they had 3 grad positions open right now. I put a call in to the HR person handling this...just waiting to hear back now.. I also called several other hospitals to see if they have the same program...waiting to hear back from them. thanks everyone for the input.
  7. CNM2B201?

    nurse scholarship in exchange for set employment

    or if i want they will pay 300 a month to my loan payments up to 10k for a 3yr commitment on my end.
  8. CNM2B201?

    nurse scholarship in exchange for set employment

    the ADN college ive applied to cost 9k
  9. CNM2B201?

    nurse scholarship in exchange for set employment

    they pay 3500 a year.
  10. between hubby and I we already have 25k in loans. so id rather not spend a lot more. I have found 2 hospitals willing to pay for school in exchange for 1-2yrs of employment. both pay while you are in school. They are both pretty good hospitals (one is a teaching hospital). has anyone else used these resources and regretted it?
  11. CNM2B201?

    Summer Microbiology Online Course at OCC

    well thats your opinion...I guess a good portion of nurses on here are inadequate and its a wonder they passed their boards taking online sciences listen...deal with yourself...worry about yourself ...just think how great of a nurse you will be because you swabbed some strep and put it on a slide...and how I'll be walking in circles wondering how will I be able to perform my duties because I took an online micro lab GASP. Stop worrying what other nursing students in different parts of the country are taking for microbiology.
  12. CNM2B201?

    Summer Microbiology Online Course at OCC

    learning how to give a shot virtually ( which giving a shot is NOT hard..ive given myself tons with little instruction from the nurse) is hardly the same as learning how to do a micro lab..... what did the nurses from 50 years ago do before microbiology became a pre req yes its all well and good to learn how virus and microbes operate and function..but do you need the hands on experience of growing them....I dont really think so..not for a nurse.
  13. CNM2B201?

    Summer Microbiology Online Course at OCC

    what session were you in? only 3rd session used bio sig..
  14. CNM2B201?

    Summer Microbiology Online Course at OCC

    this semester was the FIRST time they used bio sig so everything still mentions a proctor..even my classes that used bio sig still had information about proctors. also its up to the INSTRUCTOR if he allows bio sig or a proctor. My english 2 class still needed a proctor but my micro, dev psych, and lifestyle class used bio sig. walker is fair and a good instructor. The labs were the best part because you learn a lot from them. the virtual lab is actually pretty impressive...you perform all the same labs you would on campus..and all the same steps. also..just because there isnt a proctor doesnt mean you dont have to study..there are time limits for everything..quiz, test ect..and the online discussions pretty much make SURE you are doing the work.
  15. CNM2B201?


    Thank you! Im going to see if there are any agencies willing to take on volunteers or a CNA.