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Pre -Reqs at Different Schools


Arn't pre-reqs for nursing different at each school? I see that people pick a college and once they finish their prereqs for that school they apply to the nursing program all over. How his this if every school is different?

Some schools require more or less pre reqs, but most are the same IMO. Right now, I am taking every class that I will need whether it will be for a University or Community college to keep my options open

Yes, they do vary. You can do a bit of research online and find everything out. I printed out the applications to all the schools that I wanted to apply and then I looked at the classes each req'd. They were mostly the same. Sometimes they vary only by one course.

If the cc or uni are within the same district, the pre-reqs are the same.

BSN programs usually require some form of Chemistry. Many ADN programs do not

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This is perhaps the most frustrating thing when applying to nursing schools. There seems to be always one or two classes that you don't have. I wish they would find a way to standardize prerequisites.

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I sort of lucked out, although I didn't see it at the time.

My previous college had tons of pre reqs and the pre reqs had pre reqs. When I moved to CO they required far less Pre Reqs, so I had all but my Micro Biolgy done had my electives done already and a bunch of extras.

Well I looked up the RN-BSN program locally and they require a lot of the classes I had to take at my previous college, so I won't have those to do, which that makes me happy.

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If the cc or uni are within the same district, the pre-reqs are the same.

I wish that were true in my area. I am only applying for one program this fall b/c that is the only one that I have all the pre-reqs done for. Other schools require an additional/differnt 2 - 4 courses before applying. Some kind of standardized pre-req list within each state would sure make applying to more than one school a whole lot easier!!

BSN programs usually require some form of Chemistry. Many ADN programs do not

I have never heard of this! In fact, since I have never had chemistry I have to take an intro to Chem before go into the regular Chem class.

I know I have a ways to go as I am just starting my prereqs this fall, but I am just trying to see what direction I will take once I am done. The college that I thought about attending takes all students into the nursing program, however, when I called last year they said the current waiting list is for 2011. As it stands now my prereqs will not be done until 2011 and by that time the waiting list will possibly 2013 or later. The college that I am attending picks 80 students every year. So if I don't get in right away I could get more classes out of the way and apply again.

I've looked at four schools all w/i about 20 minutes of each other. Not only are the pre-reqs different for all the schools, but some of the classes are not interchangeable. For instance if you take Chem at school A, it will transfer to school B but not schools C & D. It took a LOT of planning to figure out the best course for me and which way was going to get me done the fastest. I basically had to start planning where I was going to get my ASN and BSN before I even started my pre-reqs so I knew what I should take at what school so everything would transfer. Best to plan ahead!

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