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I'm supposed to hear about getting into the program or not by the beginning or March. Who else is waiting on their acceptance letter to get into their nursing program? I am only taking a couple... Read More

  1. by   Curls105
    I'm waiting too! It's driving me crazy!!!!! Applied to accelerated BSN programs for Suny Downstate and Stonybrook in NY to start this summer. AAAAAhhh!
  2. by   lainith
    Quote from medhead
    Gotcha. I was way off...I was thinking that it might have been western side (Council Bluffs area). Good luck to ya and hopefully the both of us will be hearing some good news come March!!!
    Used to live in Council Bluffs. Is this anywhere near you? One of the best places I ever lived and that's saying a lot considering how much I moved in my earlier years.

    Hope we'll both get good news soon! Tomorrow is the cut-off for applications to the Nursing Program at my CC and so anytime after then... no one gave me a definite answer as to when the letters go out. I would think at least before Spring Break!
  3. by   Athenas83
    I applied again to MUSC's accelerated BSN program in Charleston, SC for Fall 2007. Letters should go out no later than the beginnning of March. Application deadline was yesterday. This is gonna be the slowest month ever. I hope, I hope!!!
  4. by   JDLAStew
    I was at my mail box yesterday and saw a letter from my school. Now keep in mind the NLN results won't even be in for a good 3 weeks...I saw the letter and immediately felt faint. What I failed to see immediately was the stamp IMPORTANT TAX DOCUMENTS ENCLOSED. I was panicing already. Ha. I heard our school let's people know yay or nay in March or April--depending on how quickly the NLN scores get in. I'm freaking out.
  5. by   SweetGurl
    I'm waiting anxiously too for those 2 schools. Its to the point that I check Stony's website everyday to see if they have anything posted. On my way to work to when pasings by Downstate I just look at the building and imagine hopefully in due time I will be walking those streets faithfully. I wish the acceptance letter process can come within a blink of a eye. I know that is just wishing full thinking but "keep the hope alive".
  6. by   elby812
    Quote from JDLAStew
    I saw the letter and immediately felt faint. What I failed to see immediately was the stamp IMPORTANT TAX DOCUMENTS ENCLOSED. I was panicing already. Ha.
    I did the same exact thing!! Our letters don't go out until the end of March! Jeez. :roll
  7. by   Batman24
    I take my NLN for one school end up Feb, but don't find out until April 16th. That should be a fun 8 weeks. :roll
  8. by   SiempreBella
    i'm waiting for my letters
  9. by   roxxy3773
    I'm waiting too, but I don't expect to hear anything until mid-March or end of April. I am thinking it will be closer to April but hoping for earlier! Good luck everyone! Waiting on the NLN scores was torture...now I have the wait for those acceptance letters I am hoping for!
  10. by   SweetGurl
    I don't know you guys but I can't help it. I wish I knew what school I would be starting in the Fall. I just want to get one letter at least so that I know I will be leaving this job of mine. :roll
  11. by   pjgarrett1388
    I'm waiting to find out and I am dying to know! I sent my application in December and the deadline to have the packet in was Feb.1! I will find out in March!:uhoh21:
  12. by   callalily32
    I am part of the waiting game now also!

    My packet is now complete and I will be with the group that gets review when the admission team meets in March. So I will no by no later than March 30th. Until then I'm going to feel like this -- .
  13. by   shippoRN
    I took the NLN this past saturday and my scores will determine if I get an interview or not. Ive been having nightmares that my scores came back and I failed Im not kidding. I only applied to one school this is soooooooooo nerve wracking. Well Im going to a concert tonight (Justin Timberlake woohoo) and this will definately take my mind off it, as i'll probably be the only 26yr old there amoung the teenie-boppers screaming my head off!
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