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  1. elby812


    I also had a HORRIBLE experience with scrubshopper. After 4 shipments I still did not get the right order! I finally just kept it and will have to have the pants altered. Customer service is awful when you can get a hold of them. DO NOT ORDER FROM THEM!!!!!!!!!
  2. elby812

    How much time do you have left in Nursing School?

    2 weeks and 1 hour until graduation!!!
  3. elby812

    How much time do you have left in Nursing School?

    6weeks + 1 semester, about 22 weeks or so... Can't wait for Aug '08!!!!!!!
  4. elby812

    3rd and 4th term FCCJ RN students

    Hello, I'm just finishing peds right now, half way through 3rd term. Its not so bad, tests are actually pretty easy. I had Hepburn for lecture and Hunter for clinical and enjoyed them both. Learned a tremendous amount in clinicals, most of which will carry over into adult nursing (peds is definitely not for me). I'm not sure yet about OB-that starts next week. I've heard that its pretty easy as well. It seems like once you get past second term, you're over the hump so to speak. We'll see how fourth term goes. And yes you will need the massive adult health book for 4th term as well as in OB for the women's health unit. Well I guess I'm done rambling. I'm tired and going to bed. This is our heck week, one test done & two more to go....
  5. elby812


    Yeah, we had iClickers last term for adult health 1 (med/surg). After every 5-10 ppt slides, a nclex style question would come up and everyone would have to anwser. Not graded but was supposed to help us with our tests. We were penalized if we forgot them though. Maybe they helped a little bit, but IMO not worth the money spent on them. I think we may use them once more last term. And we can't sell them back.
  6. elby812

    Curve on test...well kinda

    I've had the same thing happen in my classes. It comes back around though. I've also been the person receiving credit for the missed question. Try not to look at as "punishing" or "rewarding." Just the teacher throwing out the high miss questions.
  7. elby812

    FCCJ Points

    Joyfuljoy- I wouldn't worry about the NAT again. You should be fine with 200+. Good luck and best wishes to you.........
  8. elby812

    FCCJ Points

    I had 217 points & got into the Summer 07 class. I think the cut off was 185ish. Are you sure its 117? Do you have all your prereqs?
  9. My first term I went with a schedule that had me testing mondays, class 9-12 & 1-4 tuesdays, 9-12 wednesday and techniques/clinicals 7-3 thursday. I really liked having Fridays off, seemed like an extra day to study. Also like having clinicals last because I was usually beat afterwards. I went to Memorial first term for clinicals. I suggest clinicals closest to your house. Gas is expensive. Good luck!
  10. Congrats on getting in!!! Don't worry too much about the photo. I was kind of freaked out too about all the requirements about the photo. Just go to walgreens or CVS and get one taken. Mine even came out a bit blurry and they didn't say anything.
  11. elby812

    study NCLEX books while in school?

    I have to agree with everyone else so far. I also have the Saunders NCLEX review and its helping me tremendously in my adult health 1 class (med/surg). It really helps with testing.
  12. elby812

    Big syllabus

    My techniques syllabus for firt term was 130 pages and we had to print it. They monitored the library to make sure no one printed them at school.
  13. elby812

    FCCJ--Here I come!

    Good luck!!! I had 217 when I got in... Enjoy your time before all the madness begins...........
  14. elby812

    Nursing Students' Uniforms

    nope... The uniforms have to be from FCCJ. You can buy a lab coat though and sew a patch on that...
  15. elby812

    fccj online pharm -- tips???

    Nope...it gets progressively more busy as the term goes on, in my opinion. Lots of tests, plus group projects, then clinicals start and then like the last 3-4 weeks are pretty crazy... I do think though that as it goes on you get more comfortable with it all, if that makes sense. You get into the routine and figure out the best way to study...
  16. elby812

    fccj online pharm -- tips???

    Here are my tips. I didn't take it online though but may help anyway... *Keep up with you reading! *Know the drug classifications, i.e. beta blockers, cephalosporins, loop diuretics, etc... Flash cards may be good for these. *Know digoxin, it comes up a lot. *Know the difference between cholinergic, anticholinergic, adrenergic, adrenergic antagonists, etc... and what effect they have on the body. *Try to pick up on the major side effects or drug interactions, i.e. nitrates cause headaches or digoxin & lasix = hypokalemia. *Also know the antidotes for overdoses, i.e. heparin= protamine sulfate, coumadin=vitamin K, etc... Good luck!!